How to turn your old router into Range Boosting WIFI Repeater

Let’s say you have a large house including basements and upstairs floor. There must be certain area or room where you are getting buffers when you are trying to connect to network. You may often want to extend the wireless signal out too if you have outbuildings, greenhouse or garage attached to your house. Here’s how to turn your old router into Range Boosting WIFI Repeater.

You can use your old router to boost Wi-Fi range. Now there are couple of things you would require to turn your old router into Range Boosting WIFI Repeater.

1. You will need an old router.

2. You should have an Ethernet cable running from your existing router out to the location you want to extend your network. There’s few setting you need to disable and certain configuration you need to do on router to turn into extra wireless access point.

Reset router to factory default settings

The first thing you need to do with your old router is reset it back to it’s factory state. Find the little pin hole at the back of the router known as reset button. Power on the router, insert a paper clip or similar, and hold it firmly for approximately 10 seconds. Once you release the button router actually will start to reset back to factory settings and that’s all you need to do.

Note current network configurations

Now you need to get some preliminary information from current network that is setup in your home. First thing you need to do is just hold that window key down on your keyboard and window flag normally the bottom left hand corner of your keyboard in between Ctrl and alt. So you should hold down the windows key and then tap the letter R. This bring up a run box or run prompt. Type CMD then press enter. Now you have a command prompt. Type IP config , press enter. This pull up your some information about current network. You have to pick different IP address (150 or 220) but can’t go higher than 254 for instance

Newly reset router log into router using default IP

Move on to the next step. You have to disconnect your laptop from other any current wireless network or any other network that is connected to do make sure that it’s not connected to internet and turn off wireless or whatever you need to do to disconnect it from your current network, power on your new reset wireless router. Just take any standard Ethernet cable and go ahead and first plug it into one of the four ports on back of your router. Plug in your Ethernet cable to the router. Router is powered on and then plug the other end of your Ethernet cable into your computer’s Ethernet port and now configure the settings in computer so that it will behave properly on your current network and act as it is just wireless extension. Press the windows keys and type R same as before. Type in CMD again and press enter. Now open a command prompt. Press IP config again and this gives same information. You need to note down default gateway IP address and close prompt command box.

Wireless network name and security configuration

Next step is to open browser. Proceed to address bar and rub out everything that’s up there. Now you have to type in that address you just notated ( and press enter. Now give access directly to your router. A pop up box emerges with password and username box to log into router. Since you reset it back to factory default, there will be factory admin and factory password for the router. After filling up press ok.

DHCP is turned off

So once you are logged into your router. Just depending on brand router, you have settings and menus might be in different place but what you should look for first is your wireless settings. Click on wireless setting and this is just what you going to give name to new wireless network that you’re creating in home. You should also put security on there so no one else gets into it. If you have option select WPA 2. You’ll be asked to create a passphrase. So you’ve got your new wireless network name. You have your security type selected and you have a password selected. You need information every time you connect to this network and press apply. Now you have to select LAN setup turn off the option to use router as a DHCP server to prevent your router assigning IP address to anyone. Your main router only assign IP address. So actually it will not work as a router anymore. Now you need to change the last digital of IP address. Whenever you want to manage this access point, you’ll need to know the IP address. This acts as the IP address of wireless access point. Then hit apply button.

Router is configured to previous IP address

You have got your router all set up. It’s called access point in your home and don’t act as router. So you’ve got that all configured. Place it up on the top of desk so it’s in real high location you want to hook up wireless.


Strengthen throughout your house so already have Ethernet cable run up from existing router. Just put this Ethernet cable into one of the four ports on router. This is the most simple way to extend an extra wireless access point to have and turn your old router into range boosting WIFI repeater.

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