Book Review for Haemin Sunim’s ‘Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down’

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down-How to be Calm and Mindful in a Fast-Paced World. As long as the book title is, it is small book with 173 pages but an ocean of thought. Published on 13 January 2013, this book sold over 4 million copies worldwide. I came across this book recently when the second wave of corona virus hit the country and all hopes of going back to normal were lost and honestly this book helps.

Haemin Sunim began this book with a simple question, “Is the world that’s busy? Or is it just my mind? The world moves fast but sometimes it is okay to take out some time for yourself and that does not make you selfish. An advice that the author gives in the beginning og this book is to take your time and to not rush thorigh it like a novel and to be honest, that is the only right way to read this. It is simple yet powerful. It has 8 chapters addressing various aspects of human’s life- rest, mindfulness, passion, relationships, love, life, the future and spirituality. He uses his real life experiences like when he first fell in love or when his teacher taight him the real meaning of spirituality or the time when he went backpacking trip with his friend and that increases the authenticity of this book. He says, ‘life isn’t a race against your friends, it is a lifelong marathon with yourself’. You have no one but yourself to compare to.

Everyone should give this book a chance. Its a real mind opener. For me this book was definitely a 5/5 and a 100% recommendation.

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