International Widows’ Day 2021 : Theme and it’s Significance

It is necessary for every one to have a life partner in certain stages of their life. Fortunately many are luckly got their partners life long but unfortunately few have married and lost their partners due to some uncertainty situations and cause of their fate. Few young aged people are getting married after their partner is no more but many remains as same as their partner is no more. There are some privileges that are given to them by the government. Losing a partner is a great loss which makes them to feel low.

International Widows day is observed on June 23 every year . This day is to create awareness among the people about the Widows ,the problems faced by them in this society and to galvanize the support they need. It is very difficult for them to live this life. There are few widows and single parent children are suffering without the basic needs and pack of money.

According to United Nations website, there are over 258 million Widows round the world. In that , one people out of ten are living in extreme poverty. A report says that, in the eastern democratic Republic of Congo, 50 % of women are widows

History of International Widows Day

This day was initiated by The Loomba Foundation to create awareness about the struggles faced by Widows. They decided to mark this day as International Widows Day cause on this day in 1954 Shrimati Pushpa Wati Loomba who was the mother of Lord Loomba became a Widow.

So , Lord Loomba and Cherie Blair, the foundation’s president decided to launch this day on June 23. The first international Widow day was took place in 2005. Only after the sixth international Widow day , other countries started observe this day and events were held in some countries like India, SriLanka, United States, UK , Nepal, Bangladesh, Syria and Kenya.

Then this day was adopted as International Widows Day by United Nations on 21st December 2010.

Theme of this year

The theme of this year is ‘invisible women , invisible problems’. This theme highlights the problems face by the women , after the death of her husband. They are facing many problems and are ignored by their own family members who doesn’t give any importance to them .

Significance of this day

This day plays an important role in amplifying the voices of widows. It’s main aim is to create awareness about the hardships and struggles faced by the Widows and to implement many legislations to ensure their rights . Every year , this day is observed to honor these Widows.

It also insists to provide their inheritance, pension, lands and other basic needs. It also requests to provide social protection , good job with good salary to them. Widowed women should fight for their rights which is both physically and emotionally.

According to United Nations, it states that, Many years Widows have been left unseen, unsupported and unmeasured. Many people losts their partners due to this covid-19 pandemic. Widows are considered as bad omens and forbidding their presence in some happy occasions. Even in this modern century, these practices are still continuing in some countries. United Nations says that, member countries should give all the equalities, rights and pension to the Widows.

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