me and my world both got tilted

Hellooooo guys !!!

oh! you may get doubtful about how I am writing this article if both me and and my world are both tilted right now.

Just kidding guys😄

I have to tell you guys a secret shhhhđŸ€« come closer to the screen guys . Actually the thing is….

I am a” warrior” you don’t believe do you? want to know how?

Actually I am an undergraduate student during this pandemic ,haha 😆sorry my jokes are also tilted.

I thought a lot about what should I be writing so you may get to know how my perspective changed after the pandemic that is as my title says.

After this pandemic everyone’s life became a big mess .Many people lost their lives,livelihood ,their loved ones,there is alot of negative things happening around which is quite depressing
This situation tilted every one’s lives .

Coming to the point “lockdown” is the term we are now most familiar with

so in this lockdown what did you do?

I just lazed on my couch, attended online classes, not to mention watching my favourite kdramas ,listening to kpop ,reading my favourite webtoon, manhwas and surfing through the net.

We all are experiencing the situation that the male lead in “old boy” movie faced , for those of you who are not familiar with the movie I recommend it its a very good thriller. The so called tilt in our world caused by pandemic is the reason why we can relate to the character in the movie.

Similarly seasons passed while I was lazing on my couch too , I mean the seasons in web series.
Here we go again with my silly jokes.
I know most of them can relate to our binge watching the series days, the so called boring days, the days we had to find something to keep ourselves busy.

But thinking about this in my tilted world , I enjoyed my time by spending with my family ,had online meetings with my friends, joined online classes (obviously for attendance) .

People are learning new courses ,they are trying to find new hobbies such as learning musical instruments, dance ,arts and so on…, they started learning cooking ,they are trying various things ,they are doing trends, making video challenges ,starting their vlogs and writing blogs.

People are finding new talents that even they weren’t aware of them before.

Myself, themselves ,and ourselves ,each and everyone one us are finding something new about the so called “self”.

“There’s always an opportunity with crisis. Just as it forces an individual to look inside himself, it forces a company to reexamine its policies and practices.”

Judy Smith

So my point is in this pandemic people’s perspective of viewing the world changed.

Why don’t we also try to change our perspectives and view this pandemic as chance given to us , to find the magic that has been lost in our daily stressful lives, why don’t we slow down our pace and take a look at the world we are living in we are breathing in.
Why don’t we try to change ourselves and try to adapt into this new tilted world
Finding the “new tilted selves”.

Hope and despair are the two different sides of the same coin so when we toss the coin the chance is half and half but why don’t we grasp this opportunity and stick to the hopeful side of the coin.

I know its easier to fall rather than to climb, its harder to view a negative thing in a positive light.

My point is as the world is already tilted why don’t you try to tilt yourselves and your perspectives ,that is utilising this time to know what do you enjoy? ,what is your strength’s and weaknesses? ,what do you like what you don’t like ? ,what is the so called yourself that you always speak about?.

What is the “new tilted self” that you found ?

Ask these questions to your selves and try to answer those questions even if you didn’t find the answers no rush go in your own pace and you will find them automatically.

I know you are going to be cheer up ,you can do it!!
And thanks for visiting my tilted world and sparing your time .😊