World that lives inside : In consideration to Mental Health .

“There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.”

John Green

A great quote by a great person , yeah I also believe it but do you ? .

Who am I ? Am I gaining weight , what if people doesn’t like me ?

What will happen when I tell her I am depressed ?

How do I know I’m unwell ?

How do I react if my relatives finds out ? .

These are some questions that we asked ourselves in our daily life . 5Ws and 1H (Why , who , how , what , when, where ) . Aristotle used them as an element in order to distinguish vocabulary. And what we are doing. is we are using them to explain one’s personality ,distinguish them and then despise them .

That’s how it starts , THE MIND GAMEPLAY . We differentiate , we compare , we make fun of others , we got jealous , we take harsh decisions, we judge others and we ask ourselves that where I was wrong .

Then , we start to get depressed , cry , nervous – breakdown , anxiety and so on……. This cycle is more complicated than Ojo – mojo friendship . Just kidding …

Let’s get in the topic .

Yes , we are talking about mental health . Which most of us ignore more than advertisements on TV’s . Like I said doesn’t matter . But what matters the most is the ignorance of your own health .

In present scenario , mental health takes a major role world wide and our mother land India is not far behind .

As , the pandemic takes a harsh troll on people of all over the world . Others died due to the confined places , loneliness , family members death and anxiety attacks caused by lack of oxygen and also one of the important aspect of mental illness.

How we can check our metal health ? Are we mentally fit or not . Now , if you ask me I do have solution . And u want to know about one secret . It will only take 5 min. so now you don’t have to waste more time on search .

5 min. Mental Health Check :-

1. Have my muscles been streched ? 2. Have I been nice to myself and others?
3. Have I eaten regularly and healthy ?
4. Have I had good enough sleep ?
5. Am I hydrated enough ?
6. How am I feeling ?
And yes last but not the least be truthful to yourself .
And like this you get to know that you are mentally healthy or not .


Like physical health , mental health is equally important .
Small things can cause a lot of problems . So before things get out of your hands , grip it with a tight leash .

“You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.”

Dan Millman