7 Best Windows 10 apps in 2021

(By Bhoomika Saini)

Since, this pandemic known as Covid 19 commenced, it made a huge impact to the whole world and everything went digital. And the necessity for using windows and its best features became more important. We’ll talk about Windows 10 and some of its best apps to ease up your work from home or many other experiences. There’s a wide range of apps available and it might be difficult to choose. So, whether you’re in need for a better work from home experience or beneficial productivity or some entertainment, we got you covered with some of the best apps for Windows 10 for 2021.

  1. Spotify Music

Microsoft store on Windows 10 makes it easier for you to download this app. All the music and podcasts lovers can discover a lot here. The sync feature of this app is amazing as it can easily switch from your mobile to desktop and vice versa. Moreover, it provides a clean user interface and it has a “made for you“ playlist for your every mood.
A little mood enlightenment from work requires some good music and Spotify got it all covered.

2. Netflix

Who refuses to Netflix and chill? A break from work is necessary.
And Netflix brings all your favorite shows and movies in one place. It got a huge range of your favorites with the genre of your choice. Moreover, you can choose from 3 subscription plans, skip the intros and all the videos are streaming.
So, what’ s stopping you?

3. Audible
Love reading books but can’t make out time to read? This app solves it all.

Audio book app is accessible anytime, anywhere. Just plug-in your earphones and explore the world of your favorite books. It’ll also improve your fluency, vocabulary, attention span and memory. And the biggest benefit, time management.
So from now, listen your books.

4. Duolingo
If you love languages, then this is the best place for you.

You can download this app from Microsoft store easily. Moreover, this app asks for no fee and is ad-free. It’s small lessons will help you to achieve your goals smoothly as it picks up the course from the basic level.
Learn languages from the highest rated platform from the comfort of your home.

5. Google Meet
Whether it’s a business meeting or online schooling, Google meet became one of the most important educational tool for workspace.
More than 100 million users access this app and it’s easily available on Microsoft store. This app is secure and virus free. Moreover, it’s features like live captioning, speech to text, easy messaging, layout and screen setting and compatibility makes it beneficial and easy to use.

6. WhatsApp Desktop

Messaging has become an important feature and WhatsApp became a huge success during this pandemic.

WhatsApp desktop is easily available on Microsoft store. If you have less disc space then WhatsApp web is best for you. This app brings keyboard shortcuts for a better productivity. You can use a type in keyboard, drag, drop, copy or paste files from the sites and ease your work load.
Bigger screen experience without any problem is good, isn’t it?

7. Pinterest

Need some inspiration or ideas for life? Don’t worry!
This platform is for everyone- your hobbies, interests, etcetera, everything is available here. It has a five star rating on the store for a good reason, you get to the source directly and moreover it’s free of cost, you just need to sign in. So, pinning your interests or pinning interests of your choice is up to you.

Keep exploring and expand your knowledge.

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