Interview With An Inkpot!

“Writing permits me to be more than I am. Writing permits me to experience life as any number of strange creations.”

  • Alice Walker

Today’s article is an interview with Inky- The Inkpot. Yes! The same Inkpots that were used in ancient times for Fountain Pens! We thought of listening to all it had to say and yes, the interview with it was damn interesting!

The questions were as follows:

Our First Question For You Is, That What Do You Think Of The Writing Medium Used In This Era?

I feel extremely left out. By using me, people enjoyed writing all the more. Yes! Refilling the ink was necessary and may seem a hard task today, but writing with a fountain pen containing a cute feather perched on its top made the process, all the more merrier. The writing medium used in this era is mainly the laptop, if I am not wrong. This medium is easier, actually extremely easier as compared to me but that, I am afraid, doesn’t make writing a fun task anymore, is what I think!

Indeed! Since Length Of Write Ups Has Increased Nowadays, We Refrain From Using You Because That Would Make Writing A Tedious Task. Could You Suggest A Way Of Making Writing A Fun Task Through The Present Medium, That Is The Laptop?

Yes! I totally understand that writing has now intensified its nature. Earlier, write ups were a priceless art form, but today almost every individual is interested in getting into this area of creativity. Maybe that’s the reason, write ups have become meticulous and elaborate today and laptops make work easier. Well, in order to make work on the laptop interesting, I would suggest that you frame your write ups in a way that not only people but also you visualize them. Try to imagine the story yourself while framing it. This will automatically make your task interesting.

That Was Such An Important Point! What According To You Is The Worth Of Writing?

Writing is a precious art form and almost every person can write, if he has the will to. Writing has had its worth since the ancient times, when kings used me along with the fountain pen for sure, in order to state certain important messages and send them over to other kingdoms. Even today, write ups are used to send impactful messages across the globe. It is a great art form for introverts who fear to express their thoughts in public 😉

Indeed! I Am Eager To Use You At Least Once While Writing. Are You Available Now?

I am so glad to hear this, but I regret to say that I have entered the antique section and am no longer easily accessible. It is because of our decreasing demand today! Well, you can always visit museums in order to meet my relatives! However, I have seen certain people who are creatively shaping their pens by applying a feather at the top. Perhaps, you could try that but inkpots (we) won’t be of any use to you now!

Okay! I Will Definitely Try Doing That. What Do You Have To Say About Emails?

That makes me even more dejected. Letters were not only an effective medium of communication but also helped in enhancing cordial relations during the ancient period. Emails, no matter how formal they are, cannot ensure the happiness that letters provided when they popped into the nearest post! In short, all I have to say is that though the digital medium has made writing easier and convenient for man, it doesn’t meet the ‘buoyancy’ factor today. However, writing was, is, and shall always remain an important art form.

True! Lastly! Do You Wish To Address The Future Writers?

Indeed! Writing is an amazing art that requires utmost love and interest from your side. Don’t hesitate to get your words out in the world. Writing also, gives you an option to remain anonymous. So, if you are afraid to speak out, then write it down and get it published. Let the world know what you think. However, if you are interested in story writing then be that. Introduce the world to your creativity. Burying your head into your hands and adopting a demure approach won’t help!

Thank You So Much, Mr. Inkpot.