The sky-rocketing university cut-offs

The Problem:

97%, 98%, 99% in fact, 100%! These are not Dettol’s bacteria killing percentages, to tell the truth, these are the sky rocketing cut-off figures that are required for admission into the prestigious Delhi University. Although, the cut-offs have been escalating steadily over the prior years, this year, Lady Shri Ram college (LSR) has broken all the previous records by setting 100% cut off for three programs for admission. As a matter of fact, all other DU colleges also have 99% and higher cut offs. The university has refused to bring the bar any lower, even in the dim of this Global Pandemic. The primary motive behind these cut-off figures is that around 5,500 registered candidates for admission to the university have a ‘best-of-four-subjects’ percentage of 100%. I agree that, one of the main reasons for this is the fact that, the number of applicants are more than the available seats. This year alone, 3.5 lakh students have applied and competed for a mere 70,000 seats that are available. The percentage of students scoring above 95 has also increased this year. This results in a vigorous competition. However, 100% cut-off seems highly unreasonable, because certain boards, specially ICSE, do not give full marks in certain subjects. Where does it leave the rest of them, then? Shouldn’t a national university be inclusive of the issues and predicaments of all the students across the country?  In these unprecedented times, these cut-offs seem quite unreasonable and unreal.

Better Methods Of Filtering:

One obvious way to lessen this problem, is by increasing the number of colleges, by opening another campus. However, it is not the silver bullet to the soaring number of applicants appearing every year. It is disappointing to see brilliant students to lose their chance at this respectable institution just by a few marks. Such esteemed universities need a better method of filtering for admission of candidates. For starters, they could shift the weight of admission criteria from marks alone to the overall performance of the candidate. Many a times, marks don’t justify the potential of a student. In fact, most of the top percentile students, hardly have any other achievements under their belt. In my view, a comprehensive all-round performance of a child must be encouraged along with a reasonable cut-off for admission filtering. This will improve the quality of the students and the overall performance of the University. Apart from that, students must not hold DU as their ultimatum. They must be encouraged to try out different alternatives. We as a society, must collectively play a role in encouraging and motivating students in their pursuits and not bringing them down for not getting admissions in certain ‘reputed’ colleges.

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