Where Python language is used?

There is a vast variety of Python use cases across industries. Of course, the first thing that comes up when one thinks about the most common ways in which Python is employed is for building web, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as for testing them. But Python is a language that serves a multiplicity of purposes. Basically, these are the areas of use Python is perfect for:
Web app development

Data science

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•Database programming

•Quick prototyping

Python is good for all forms of programming, which makes its user base grow rapidly. Cross-platform shell scripting, quick automation, simple web development, data analysis and visualization, AI and ML are some of the examples.

Often, specialists use Python to better perform a variety of tasks in different disciplines. Better performance, among others, may be achieved with the help of automation. Finance, insurance, and marketing are the primary fields, in which people face the necessity to do tasks that are repetitive and boring: viewing, copying, renaming, and uploading files to a server, downloading websites or parsing data. Instead, a programmer can write a script in Python and automate it all.

Moreover, you should not necessarily be a software developer to use Python. The language allows facilitating data analysis and visualization. It has a rich ecosystem comprising efficient libraries for data processing and therefore assisting data scientists in performing complex numeric computing operations.

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