How dubai was built

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Over the last 50 years, Dubai has developed from a sand pit into a swarming city of wealth and extravagance. Dubai, built on the edge of the dessert in United Arab Emirates, is home to over 200 skyscrapers, with 18 taller than 300 metres.

1900s : Fishing Village

From fishing village to modern metropolis: incredible pictures of Dubai's  changing skyline

The city started of as a humble fishing village where fishing, pearl diving were common activities. This was Dubai before its enormous wealth today. The city also served as trading port for gold and spices. These markets still thrive today and attract many tourists who seek to get a taste of the city’s authentic history. The markets are known as souks.

1960s : Economic Crackdown

From fishing village to modern metropolis: incredible pictures of Dubai's  changing skyline

Dubai’s trading activities with its neighbouring countries brought in stable income for the village. Since it is situated in the Arabian Gulf, Dubai functioned as a trading port and the economy relied a lot on its fishing and pearl diving professions. Things turned out bad when Japan invented artificial pearls and the economy suffered a blow. Things were about to change for the fishing village as they struck their future in 1966.

1966 : Striking Oil

UAE's oil expansion gives it new weight within OPEC - The Economic Times

The moment they struck oil in 1966, Dubai’s economy exploded with wealth and the local fishing village grew into a busy metropolis and grew into a commercial hub for business. The enormous wealth grew the aspirations of the rulers to build a city that would set the bar for architecture and landscape designs across the world.

1971 : Joining the UAE

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During the year 1971, the country United Arab Emirates was formed when Dubai along with its six neighbouring cities, were combined. This combination of the seven Emirate states increased the country’s oil revenue massively and the rulers of UAE came together to focus on the immense development of their country.

1985 : Emirates Airlines

Emirates airline receives 500,000 refund requests – Middle East Monitor

The establishment of the Emirates Airline was a million dollar idea fo Dubai’s most profitable sources of income over the years. The Dubai International Airport serves as a hub for connecting flights around the world. The airlines flies to 85 countries across the world promoting Dubai’s tourism.

1999 : Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab | Dubai's Most Iconic Hotel | Jumeirah

This seven star hotel is extremely luxurious. The suites offered by the hotel are really posh and the luxury status is well beyond the standard rating scale.

2006 : Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah Dubai - Timings, Entry Fees, Location, Facts

These man-made islands are centre for tourist attractions. The islands have luxurious hotels, apartment towers, upmarket global restaurants, built on it. The city shows of its creativity and wealth to the world. In order to build the island tons of rock and sand were poured onto the sea over a period of six years.

2010 : Burj Khalifa

Explore Views of the Burj Khalifa with Google Maps - YouTube

Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building with a record height of a staggering 828 meters, with 160 stories. Another way to boast creativity and wealth.

2013 : The World’s Largest Flower Garden

Aerial view of The unusual colorful Dubai Miracle Garden, United Arab  Emirates. – Stockphoto

Dubai designed the world’s largest flower garden, Dubai Miracle Garden, with over 100 million flowers brought in from around the globe. Emirates Airlines teamed up with Dubai Miracle Garden to build a lifesize version of its A380 covered with flowers.

The city draws in many tourists from across the globe for its relaxing leisure and lifestyle. Incredible health care and education are offered attracting a global community to emigrate there. Business is aso held in this lavish city and moreover the boon of working in Dubai is, it offers a tax free salary.

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