My volunteering journey.

When i was younger i always had an urge to help everyone and nothing has changed since then except for the fact that i wasn’t able to help a lot of people back then but now i have got an opportunity because of yuva to fulfill my wish. I believe kindness is the only way to deal with everything and that’s what makes my world beautiful.

I wanted to persue psychology: wanted to become a counselor. But my parents we not convinced that I’ll have a great career doing what i wanted to do. I was good at maths and computer, so i persued for a degree in computer science.
When covid first started triggering, just like everyone else even i was convinced that this won’t last long. Also during the first wave we had adequate infrastructure so the situation was a lot better than it is right now. But now when i see people crying for the basic amenities,it breaks my heart and makes we wanna help them as much as i can.

I am in the verification department in my team becausee of which i haven’t had any encounter with any of the patient but there was one time when someone from my city contacted me for some urgent requirement and i was able to do the needful with the help of my team and i felt overwhelmed that i could save someone’s life.

When you put your 100% effort to do something and you get the expected result that obviously makes you feel joyful. I feel the same way when i receive gratitude from the families i have tried to help.

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