Humans have been battling viruses since decades ago, even before the times when people barely had information of the fact that they are going through some kinds of virus / flu epidemic and from where did it originate, what possible medications could cure them and what probable preventions could save them. However, Even with advancing technologies which got us all the access to every bit of information of what’s happening around the globe nobody had been able to stop the spread of these viruses.

CORONAVIRUS, one of the most relentlessly hit virus in the history of mankind outshined every kind of pandemic there could have existed. It Originated initially from Wuhan, China in 2019 and got widely spread all over the world by March 2020. Since then till now the whole World had been through tremendous circumstances. After almost 1.5 years of struggle everything is gradually getting back to normal. While some countries/ places have declared themselves COVID-19 free Some are still struggling in coping up with it and one of these countries is INDIA.

Initially India was the first country to handle the first wave of Coronavirus in an uttermost precautious manner and thus the disease didn’t affect much in the first few months. Anyway later when people started thinking the situation is safe is when it started getting bad. Thereby, India started facing a rapid hike in cases each day. Millions were affected and thousands were dead. Lack of proper medication, oxygen cylinders, also beds in hosiptals, etc worsened the situations continuously and country had to face a major set back. It affected the country in every possible way be it socially, economically or politically. But along with time and after contrivance of vaccines everything has started getting under control execpt in very few states. According to a reliable source, India has recorded 51,667 new coronavirus cases and 1,329 deaths in the last 24 hours ending 9 am on Friday. With this the country’s total caseload has risen to over 3,01,34,445, while the death toll nears the 4-lakh mark. Meanwhile, the active caseload has dropped to 6.12 lakh.


As more and more population is now getting vaccinated, it’s a safer situation outside but we all need to clear up our minds that the disease hasn’t been completely finished. The evolution of the Triple mutant of virus named as ‘DELTA PLUS’ .There is no exact indication yet of the severity of the disease due to the new variant. Around 48 cases of Delta plus classified as a Variant of concern had been detected across 10 states and one UT. NCDC Director Dr. S K Singh said Maharashtra has 20 cases followed by 9 in Tamil Nadu, 7 in Madhya Pradesh, 2 in Punjab and Gujarat, 3 in Kerala while Andhra pradesh, Rajasthan, Orisa, karnataka and Jammu has reported one case each. “There are speculations that this mutant is more contagious and it is 35-60 per cent more infectious compared to alpha variant. It could be potentially contagious,” Karmakar, Department of Biochemistry- AIIMS said. Among the 20 cases of the ‘Delta plus’ variant reported in Maharashtra the highest nine cases were reported in Ratnagiri, followed by seven in Jalgaon, two in Mumbai, and one case each in Palghar, Thane and Sindhudurg districts along with the hike in regular Covid cases today.


It is been reported by the officials that the third wave of COVID-19 is inevitable and would hit the country by September month that is., in the next 6 to 8 weeks. Thus AIIMS, Delhi has highly recommended states to be alerted and also that taking preventive measures is not only the responsibility of the government but also of every citizen of the country. Everyone should get acknowledged with the measures to be taken to protect the country from going back to the phase as of 2020. It is mandatory that everyone still curbs themselves from going to crowdy places and travelling currently and try to stay more at home, complete their vaccination procceses as soon as possible. Also it is adviced that using some home remedies like drinking warm water, Exercising or doing yoga to stay fit and having healthy eating habits which helps in building up immunity in our bodies should be considered acting upon.