#404 Justice not found

Something which scares me most of the time is how unsafe I can be while simply walking on the road, how long can I ignore those stares and snarky comments passed around the way. If I am asked what I would do a day without men, all I would name are the simplest pleasures a man has in his life. Walking around in clothes of my choice, taking midnight strolls and speak my mind out without being judged. I do not hold a battle against all men, because not all men are the same. I wouldn’t want to simply stereotype the whole gender for the mistakes of a few but what I would want is a safe place where men can understand and feel what it is to be like a woman. To understand how helpless, she would in broad daylight and dark nights by herself, because then for once men will not be men for having power over women, men would be men who see women as an equal.


The rape culture has been so normalized that we have all forgotten how toxic of a society are we living in now. People mostly men and women belonging to village areas still consider that rape happens with the consent of the girl and most importantly they do not know the meaning of the word consent and how much important it is in a relationship. Education should begin from the roots, especially in villages from where most of the population migrate in search of work to cities. Spreading awareness of how important it is to be equal as a man is so much important. Every time someone put up a story or a status with hashtags, can we only do this much for justice. These days ensuring justice for rapists has made the lady of wisdom blinded. Rapists roam around in the streets while the victims and their family live with humility, it leads me to question the sanity of society. India was a country built upon so many values which can no longer be found. #404 Justice not found

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