INS vikraant

• Named after its predecessor – procured career.
 India’s first Majestic Class aircraft carrier
 Formerly called Hercules – acquired from Britain in 1957
 commissioned in 1961 as INS Vikrant
 1997 – decommissioned .

• First airbase reinforced warship of India .

• Also known as Indigenous Aircraft Carrier 1 (IAC-1).

• IAC boasts nearly 75% indigenous content.

• Informally called INS Vikrant 2.

• Currently under construction and conducting trials by Cochin Shipyard Limited in Kochi, Kerala


• Weighs up to 40,000 tonnes • Can carry up to 40 aircraft.

• To operate MiG-29K fighter aircraft, Kamov-31 Air Early Warning Helicopters, the soon-to-be-inducted MH-60R multi-role helicopter, and the indigenously manufactured Advanced Light Helicopters.

• Third air craft career INS Vishaal – expected to be commissioned in 2030.

Project Sea bird

• Largest naval infrastructure project for
India .

• 3 billion dollar programme. • Upon completion- largest naval base on the west coast and also the largest naval
base east of the Suez Canal.

• Project sea bird: project for creation of a naval base at Karwar on the west coast of India.

• Aims at providing fleet support and maintenance
of warships.

• Will be able to support several major warships and at least 30 vessels submarines and yard crafts .

• Naval Air Base will also have a maintenance

• Totally spread across over 11,000 acres .

• Located on hilly terrain along the coast and by reclaiming the part of sea.

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