John Milton’s Paradise Lost

OF MAN’S first disobedience

Paradise Lost referring to mythical concept, what is a myth? A symbol, elaborated in the form of a story. Myth embodies the nearest approach to absolute truth which perhaps cannot be expressed in rational words and best presented in a story – Coomaraswamy. To say that something is a myth – in this way – profound/theological sense, which is beyond just the actual facts of history, it could of happened. Almost precious possession .. sacred, exemplary, significant. May be based on a historical event, may be based on entirely fictional imaginings, but is either case, it carries an other-that-literal meaning that is open to interpretation. Myth becomes part of a collective unconscious, it’s not just a legend – need not embody any kind of truth, rather it’s a myth – which is true. 

Adam and Eve – in the Garden of Eden – Paradise – Masculine God – ‘it’s all yours, to cherish, to nurture, to grow, to develop, and only one thing I ask, is you to not eat the fruit from the middle tree – the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil’ and now Satan who wants to get back at God – any by attacking these Humans whom God loves so much – to lead them away from Virtue – who then attacks Eve – and convinces her, on why must God not want them to eat of the tree, for he had eaten it and noting happened, so if you eat you may become like me – god – she lures Adam into the plan – God realises this catastrophe and casts them out of the paradise, now doomed to death, struggling to ear their food, and all the natural thing became much more arduous, laboured. Our transition from moving from the animal state to the human – part of it is understanding right v/s wrong, death, seriousness of life; therefore every race of humanity have moved through this stage – as part of growing up we began to realise the cause and effect – the pain. That recognition a a part of growing up, it becomes part of the way we think, we are conditioned, we are reenacted it psychologically as we grow into an adult. And after the realization, we still act on the negatives, then that is punishable.

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