a tour to chennai

“Once in a year go to someplace, you have never been” – Dalai Lama.

Travel is an outlet for all emotions buried underneath our hearts and remains unnoticed in the rapid phase of our daily lives. We all have different travel choices. Some of us can be fond of beaches, some would be fond of crowds, some would be fond of food. In case if you are expecting all three of them in one place, I have got your back. It’s time for you to visit NammaChennai, the city which has a place for every other personality. 

To experience the beauty of the city,  the cheap and best choice is local and metro trains. They cover half of the city landscape and you can also experience various cultures of the city inside the train. Every person you meet on a train has a different story to hold within. The scenes I commonly enjoy on a local train are as follows :

  • Ladies having their me-time by sitting near the window seats,  
  • Some of them would start cutting vegetables on the train to save time, 
  • Some people put their lives in danger to catch the train just because they could spend few more minutes with their family after a hectic day,
  • Men who are lost in thoughts of their responsibilities. 

The city has exciting places for every other age group right from ancient temples to extravagant malls. There are also places which are loved by every age group. One such place is Marina Beach. A place that holds millions of emotions. The foods served, the gift shops filled with crowds, magnificent light-house, thousands of vehicles parked, colorful boats sailing make the beach remain unparalleled. 

The foods served in Chennai are the ones that make the tour remain an unforgettable experience. Right from crowded roadside shops to cozy and ravishing cafes, Chennai has every cuisine existing in the world. The food street in OMR, snacks shops in T.Nagar, biryani shops in every nook and corner of the city, parotta shops with unique sidedishes treat your taste buds in every possible way. 

The crowded city has been a ray of hope for many people. Fresh graduates, people who have lost their jobs all of a sudden, people who have always dreamt of starting a business have been warmly welcomed by the city and most of them have been gifted with a bright future here. Hence Chennai is commonly known as “Vandarai Vazha Vaikum Chennai” ( A city that has given a dream life to everyone”).  So when you plan for a tour next time have the “City of Hope” at the top of your list. 

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