the kirlian photography

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Today’s topic is going to be refreshing and entrancing.

I am sure you guys know about photography as skill of capturing the world that we see with our eyes in a photo. Photography is a very broad topic, based on how the photo is taken the feelings ,the emotions that the photo shows also changes.

But have you guys ever heard about Kirlian photography?

Never heard about it, no problem cause I am going to brief you guys on this topic.

Kirlian photography is also known as AURA photography.

Although the kirlian photography is not so well known among beginners or non photographers it is definitely popular quirk and that is its believed by people that through the technique of kirlian photography “aura “of the objects can be captured.

Kirlian photography is possible through only by following a certain techniques and due to that technique the possible result is believed to be the aura of the thing that is captured.

The other name aura photography also came due to many myths formed around Kirlian photography .

It is believed that the soul of the body and aura which cannot be seen with our naked eye can be captured through Kirlian photography

Even the Kirlian couple Semyon and Valentina who discovered Kirlian photography in 1939 , also believed it to be that the Kirlian photography is capturing the objects aura, which intrigued many scientists curiosity into this field and many researches started taking place.

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But sadly the truth is Kirlian photography only appears to capture aura and the crux lies in the technique the photography uses, the mechanism of the photos is the high voltage corona effect. In this effect when the photographic films encounters changes in the chemical composition which in turn alters due to the light producing the aura effect.

Although there is no particular Kirlian camera you can still produce this effect using a transparent electrode in modern cameras

Its believed that every object in this universe has distinct energies and the mental, emotional states of that person can effect those auras.

So the Kirlian photography is used in many therapies and is used to detect various diseases, they also used in treating psychiatric patients

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Kirlian photography unlocked a new page for the subject called photography ,it showed the effects of light can totally change the result, and stills there are many mysteries to unravel.

Recently many applications were also developed , so that we can also enjoy the Kirlian photography .

Some people believe the aura photography is true and some people only believe in facts ,whatever it maybe for me its just fun to enjoy these unique things rather than contemplate ,at last my opinion is that

“Kirlian photography is fascinating”


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