A dowry is a transfer of parental property, gifts, money, upon the marriage of a daughter’. it’s questionable that why it’s not given for men too, a gift by the parents to the groom, like bride price. It’s a common notion to judge bride and her family by the dowry that they give to their daughter. It’s considered as a status symbol. Even though it’s an ancient custom and prohibited by law it’s still in practice. The reason still it continues is because it’s an additional benefit for the groom’s family both financially and socially. In contrary it’s a heavy burden to the family of bride. When we think more about the dowry this also a reason for female feticides, the parents think about the money they have to make for raising the female child. Women as only a mere commodity, for sale or an object. if she is a colored girl the dowry increases the dowry increases.

According to the analysis, India has the highest rate of excess female deaths ,13.5per 1000 female births, which suggests that an estimated one in nine deaths of females below the ages of 5 may be attributed to postnatal sex assortment. “Dowry and alcoholism remain the primary reasons for domestic violence, and women faced with both reduced to living hell. Abusive husbands turn on their worst against women without a place to go or means to stay independent. Women either presume or face the reality that having married them off at quite an expense, they were no longer welcome at their homes,”

           In domestic violence cases lives triggered by dowry, the husbands often appropriate the entire dowry, leaving their partners dependent on them. some of them even pressure women to bring more money or property. More over this topic was considered as an outdated topic by the society itself now it came back as a questionable think after a long time because of some current happenings. The sad side of it is that it only regained its importance after losing few valuable.        

    The divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter – is a most seen quote in both social media and internet. I didn’t get point of comparing a divorced women to a dead, here we can understand the societal notion of women should have a companion for making her life fruitful. Never independent women are having made their life more fruitful than that of a married woman. It doesn’t matter whether the women is married or not, what matters is happiness and satisfaction of her as an individual.

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