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Google is always improving our site , making changes and adding different Features. This new feature Google Word Coach is very informative , interesting and designed like a vocabulary game. It is designed to expand English language vocabs in a fun and engaging way.Google Word Coach launched in non-English speaking countries and also in India. It may also come to other countries and different languages in the future.

What is Word Coach ?

Word Coach : Word Coach is helpful to enhance the vocabulary of users. This feature is currently only available in one language (English). Word Coach asks users to identify antonyms , synonyms and recognize different types of images. There are two possible answers to every question, one out of which is correct and other in Incorrect. If you choose the right answer, Word Coach will reward you with so many points. There is no negative scoring, so you won’t lose any points if you mark a wrong answer.

Uses of Google Word Coach

Google has added a new feature that is very interesting named Google Word Coach to the Google dictionary and Google translation boxes within web search for non-English searchers.When you do a search in a dictionary or translation box, Google may show you this Word Coach that helps you to expand our knowledge and improve English language vocabulary in a fun and effective way, a Google spokesperson told everyone.Google Word Coach launched in the Google search results 3 years ago (starting 2018).

Many Advantages of Google Word Coach


Improve English

Learn Vocabs

For all peoples

Main Purpose to Google Word Coach is a game designed to improve English language vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. It appears under our Google dictionary and Google translation boxes or when someone searches for “Google Word Coach in Google.” It may come to other countries and languages in the future.

Score on Google Word Coach

I play many times and improve my results to increase our score . This game is interesting and helpful also. I was searching for improving English Mainly Vocabs during evening time and the Google Word Coach game suddenly showed up in my search engine. It’s a very nice and popular game especially for the ones who need to learn new words and improve their vocabulary. I suggested it to my friends to play this game and learn Vocabulary in a fun way.

Google Word Coach Effective for the Preparation:

Google Word Coach is a fun and easy way to test your vocabulary and improve English. Google Word Coach is Preparation for the many competitive exams that involve a lot more than just vocabulary enhancement. You will have to display a comfort in reading, writing, speaking and comprehending English through correct grammar rules, daily task achievement, clear pronunciation, and excellent speaking. My advice is to understand what each of these tests are helpful to you, test our english, vocab using free online practice tests, see your point and day to day improvement.

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