The impact of Social Media Influencers on Promotion of a brand

Promotion of a brand involves informing, persuading and keeping the potential consumers for continued and long term engagements. Promotion can be done by informing the public about the features of the product or brand, persuading them to buy the product by telling its unique features and keeping in touch with the customers to convince them to further buy more products of the same brand by providing after-sales-services and by maintaining good producer-consumer relations.

It is also important to note that there is a difference between promoting a product and promoting a brand. Promoting a brand is broader in terms as it focuses on building and maintaining brand image and is related with the promotion of the entire business. Promotion of a product is narrower in terms as it just focuses on promoting a “particular product”. For example, when Loreal Paris uses the tagline “You’re worth it”, it not just promotes a particular product but the entire Loreal brand. However, when it uses “5 problems, 1 solution”, it promotes a particular product (i.e., Total Repair 5) by highlighting the importance of it.

Online Brand or Product Promotion is the method of promoting the brand or product on different social media and online platforms by using the internet to its full potential to reach a wide range of audience. For ages, brands and advertisers have influenced and shaped consumers’ attitudes and behaviours and sometimes we don’t even get to know about it.

There are several ways in which Social Media Influencers impact promotion of a brand or a product:

1) Influencing Purchase Decision of Consumers:

Consumers’ purchase intentions are frequently measured and used by marketing managers as an input for decisions for new and existing products. Social Media Influencers do not put up advertisements but just directly talk about the product or brand in details, how to use their, if they are value for money. So influencers cover the “Frequently Asked Questions” about a product.

2) Convincing customers to buy products:

After influencing the purchase decision of the customers, the main task of influencers is to make their followers buy the products. Actions involving social media influencers help more when there is best personalised advertisement done by the influencers.

3) Distribution of Samples:

This is one of the newest techniques through which social media influencers help business firms in their promotional activities. The influencers take free samples from the producers and further distribute them to their followers in terms of “online giveaways”. This technique of “Online Giveaway” becomes extremely beneficial for those firms which are new in the market. The social media influencers ask their followers to comment, like or share the posts of the business product/firm they’re associated and few lucky winners are the ones who get to take the products in these Online Giveaways. There’s also traditional form of distribution of samples where influencers distribute a business firm’s products which are generally smaller in quantity than the original products so that customers get a first hand experience of the products.

Clearly, social media influencers have had gained and influenced their followers a lot in recent years and especially during the pandemic. People rely on influencers more these days and influencers keep on creating more content for their followers.