Incredible india

– by Moni sai

India is a home to the finest architectural attractions and rich reserves of multicultural experiences.History of india dive deeper culture and heritage.incerdibility hold’s the art,spirituality,nature,food and cuisine along with adventures.Every place holds its popularity with its food and culture.Art includes the classical melodies ,handlooms,dance forms and fascinating festivals.”Colours of Culture” is fond of Dance forms,Music,Painting,Textiles.

The Popular Art in India:

Art is a form of Expression which depicts beauty and history.india blessed with billons of artists and art forms. It includes weaverings ,handicrafts and sculptures of various historical monuments.

Nature and land scapes:

From Himalayas Mountain Ranges in North to the Kanyakumari Coast in the south have made travellers to explore these landscapes.It also covers mountain ranges to sea Coasts,Deserts to Plateaus.

Himalayan Mountain Ranges:

The Himalayas are a Mountain Range In south Asia.The main ranges includes Mount Everest,Annapurna and Nanga parbat.Mount everest is the highest mountain peak on the earth at 8849 mts.The vast size huge altitude Range complex topography of the Himalayas are meant to experience wide range of climate

Land of Deserts:

The Thar Desert also Known as the “Great Indian Desert” is a large region that covers an area of 2,00,000kms and forms a natural boundary between india and pakistan.It is also Known as the world’s 9th largest hot subtropical desert.

Food and Cuisine:

Indian Cuisine consists of a variety of Regional and traditional recipes.This cuisines vary substantially and use of local spices ,herbs , vegetables and fruits.indian food is also influenced by religions.for Ex, Mughals introduced dishes like samosa ,pilaf.indian home cuisines includes various flavors of common spices as chilli peppers,mustard seeds, cumin,fennel,cardamom,cinnamon,coriander,Tumeric,fenugreek,Ghee.

some coomon combination of food’s at various destinations :

New Delhi: streetfood might be chats or samosa with masala falvours

south India: South indian cuisine features more coconut milk based falvours ,herbs like lemon grass, curry leaves and native foods . we find more Rice ,lentils and steamed food.


kerala recipes are very found of banana fritters and sweet dumplings.flora and Fauna of kerala provides more nutrious food from surroundings.


The food in Mumbai is as famous as the city .it is famous for it’s market Hawkers and cultural street food.Food is avaiable in form of stall features and mobile recipes all over the city.

Spirituality in india:

India is considered as one of the best Spiritual destination. world’s Several religions were born in India .Hinduism,sikhism,buddhism and jainism.There are various worshipping places like mandirs,Mosques,gurudwaras and churches.This is the reason for india’s unity in Diversity.

Yoga is mentioned in the Rigveda that is mostly studied around 5th and 6th centuries BCE.ancient indian ascetic includes Physical yoga,meditation and spirituality. it is method of focussing the mind on Particular object,thought or activity to train attention and awareness.meditation reduces stress ,anxiety,depression and pain to attain and enchance peace.

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