Can’t you be yourself?

The question who am I starts from you to the people surrounds you. The main thing the people spot on you is just based upon their views on your works as critics writing reviews on someone work,either you may drop under the tag of GOOD or BAD based on their perspective.

But the thing to think yourself is keep other opinion and ask yourself who am I and get your answers by searching the you in your past. See how others sees you and the appearance doesn’t point you as good being also the knowledge even fails to spot the good and bad side because nowadays thiefs giving threats are highly educated and knowledgeable professionals.

You should know about yourself like the way you making your decision on serious circumstances. Also how you change according to the circumstances. How the situation influences you or pressures you to take a decision something that you don’t want to do. The answer is just BE THE YOU.

You’re compelled to be a good son to your father or good husband to your wife or good employer to your employee. The state of position in YOU changes accordingly based on the people opposite showing their forefinger to point you. Now a question raises am I being good to them or am I being good for myself. You should always do good things to others and inturn you could get some good in it.

BE THE YOU says you to change yourself for the sake of you and the people who gets affected by you when your decision spells wrong. People always pick their safest side to overcome problems, as always they just turn their works on others and getting smart to escape from it.

So try to get ready yourself to take charges of your side and say that’s mine even if it’s wrong or you did mistakes. Just accept it and take the experience to use it wisely. The more you do good things add more good points to the position you in you.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

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