BOOK REVIEW: The Silver Chair

Author: C.S. Lewis

The Silver Chair is the sixth book in The Chronicles of Narnia series and serves as the sequel of the film ‘ The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’. There had been speculations about this book being adapted into a film but as of now there is no confirmation regarding it. However, this book is included in The Chronicles Of Narnia TV series which is a British BBC produced television serial and aired form 1988 to 1990 and covered four books of the series.
It is a middle grade book just like the rest of the series. This book dives deeper into the land of Narnia and shows the sides of it which weren’t shown before. It is the first book to show openly Narnia as a much less friendly and darker place than the other books. Well it may be because as the series proceeded, it became rather more mature. The Pevensies, who serve as the main characters throughout the film trilogy and also in most of the books, are not in this book.

“You would not have called to me unless I had been calling to you,” said Aslan.”

The story opens with a girl named Jill Pole who had been experiencing bullying. She is comforted by Eustace Scrubb. This is the same guy who was in the film The Voyage of Dawn Treader and was very annoying in the starting but eventually became good by the end. He tells her about Narnia and they both get there. There, both of them are given a task by Aslan, to find and rescue King Caspian’s son, who is the heir to the throne of Narnia.
The book consists of sixteen chapters. The story is very progressive. It gets interesting after every chapter. There is this aura of mystery surrounding the story which wasn’t very prominent in other books. The more you read, the more you get invested in unravelling the mystery of Prince Rilian. Chapter 11 and 12 in particular have a great plot twist which makes overall story very exciting.
There are a lot of referencing in this book as well. It also explores underworld, the part of Narnia which is not really emphasised in other books. This must be the reason that makes this book very different than rest and also gives it a relatively darker tone. Deceit, manipulation, captivity, bullying, delusions are some themes which make this story very different from others. The main antagonist is the Lady of the Green Kirtle, the Queen of the Underland. She is depicted as a very beautiful women who turns out to be very deadly by the end of the book. Looks can be deceiving huh!
The writing style of the author is simple, conversational and cunning. It is written very descriptively and makes the story lively. The narrative of the story gives a very nostalgic feeling as if the story is of a very distant past. Overall, it is a very good book. The storytelling, the characters, the plot, everything is amazing. It is a must read!!!