Fear of failure

The word fear is what comes between us and our dreams. It stops us from reaching our potential. It makes us think about questions like what will happen if we don’t succeed or what if I end up making a fool out of myself?

Think about the number of times you did not do things because of the fear of failure.

It stops you from doing simple tasks like giving an answer in class because you are afraid of the answer being wrong. You are afraid of what the teacher and the students will think. Well, the teacher must have appreciated the efforts of trying and would have corrected you and the students don’t care. Do we care if people give the wrong answer? No right

Here is the thing about people, they simply don’t care about us. They are way too involved in their own lives. People sometimes do try to bring us down but, they are just transferring their fear in our lives. So, we don’t have to listen to them nor care about how they are going to react.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” rightly said by Neale Donald Walsch. I can tell you by my experience the best decisions that I took in my life were after overcoming my fear. I wanted to start a YouTube channel ever since I was 14. Now at the age of 19, I actually started it. It took me a long time to start it simply because, I was unsure of how people around me would react. But, recently enough I stopped caring about what people have to say. I uploaded the video for my happiness without thinking about people or the number of likes or views I will get. My video did get a lot of support and appreciation from people. I succeeded and got a good response but, even if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have stopped I would keep trying without letting fear take over me.

Failing is totally fine. We learn so many new lessons from our failures. We get more knowledge from failure than we ever would get from succeeding the first time.

Our life is all about trying new things so stop sticking to your comfort zone. Stepping out of the comfort zone is a big step in itself. It gives us more courage and confidence. So, keep trying even if it comes with the cost of failure.  

We need to stop thinking of failure as a big thing. We need to start treating it as a step towards success. Even the most successful people faced failure and that’s how they got on top.

So, keep challenging yourself to come out of your comfort zone and try things you want. Give yourself regular tasks which you don’t do because of fear. Go volunteer to speak in front of people, even if you mess it up it is okay. Next time you will be way more confident. The only way to grow in life is through failure.

“One day you’ll leave this world behind, So, live a life you will remember” a great line from a song by Avicii, and to live the life you will remember you need to stop fearing things. 

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