Flawless flowers

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

The beautiful flower that

blooms overnight,

at morning

it is definitely a beautiful


“Flowers are nature’s gift, a gift which is inimitable.”

Photo by Hiu1ebfu Hou00e0ng on Pexels.com

Flowers can be of various types various colours, different kinds and their uses are also different.

Flowers assure us of existence of beauty in the whole world, IF the world is a canvas they fillthis black and white world into that of colourful. So today I am going to write about the flawless nature of flowers that I am aware of.

Do you guys watch anime? .If you notice there will one common thing in all of those anime’s, yes I am talking about the sakura (cherry blossoms),I have heard that people from many different countries visit japan during spring time for flower viewing.

Have you ever heard of edible flowers, yes! not only they look beautiful but some flowers also are used in various food items that we eat, they use these flowers as a decoration on the cakes, and flowers with medicinal values are used to make tea, they give a refreshing vibe to the tea and calms the nerves.

Flowers are used to decorate as they exude the classiness and turns a plain place into a wholesome place, a place where the view turns refreshing, flowers are used in weddings, they are used for proposals, flowers are exchanged on various occasion as each and every flower has a very significant meaning.

DO you guys now that each and everyone of us has a birth flowers that is different for each and everyone based on their birth dates, month and year. so knowing which flower you represent is very exciting .

we definitely have to talk about their fragrance, the perfumes we wear also use the flowers essence, the floral perfumes are mostly liked by everyone as most of them give calming and fresh vibes, Flowers like hyacinth, freesia, lilies, roses are some of the most fragrant flowers.

Flowers can also poisonous depending on the type of environment they grow in, such as

The elegant Nerium oleander, the blossoms of which are crimson, magenta or creamy white, is one of the most toxic plants in the world. Every part of the plant, from its stem to its sap, is incredibly poisonous if ingested. Even inhaling the smoke from a burning oleander is a health threat.


There is a saying goes

“The more you love roses the more you must bear with thorns.”

similarly life also has its ups and downs but what you must never forget is at the end there will definitely be a beautiful destination.

Flowers are pretty at this stage only because they had to go through difficult process of budding. As they say nothing lasts forever, after sometime even these flawless flowers also will wither and fall on to the ground but a new flower will be born so endings are the new beginnings.

So the flawless here is appreciating its nature of gracefully passing through all stages of its life .”