Measures to deal with Communalism

Remembering partition we are immediately reminded of the immense bloodshed that followed it. The two major communities were at war with each other. This was communal violence. Since Then communalism has been a menace to India. Now and then communal riots erupted in India. People engaged in those riots become faceless the only thing that matters to them is their religious or community identity. Religious identity overrides everything else and they develop the mindset “our belief alone is true and rest is false and incomplete.” 

According to historian Harbans Mukhia,” communalism is the phenomenon of religious differences between groups, often leading to tension and even rioting between them.” 

Measures to deal with communalism:

  • Reforms in the present criminal justice system, speedy trials should be undertaken. Specialized training for the police force to handle communal riots and setting up special investigating agencies can help.
  • Emphasis on value-oriented education with a focus on peace, non-violence, compassion, secularism, and rationalism as core values in children in school and colleges can prove vital.
  • Developing an attitude that all religions are equal and teach us the same values of humanity, humility, and kindness can help maintain peace.
  • Inspiration can be taken from other countries for example Malaysia maintains a perception index to gauge people’s needs and feelings about race relations in their area.
  • Non-governmental organizations can tie-up with the government to create communal awareness build stronger community relations and cultivate values of communal harmony.
  • News channels play a huge role in influencing the views and mindset of people so when they are biased towards one community or religion, this can develop biasness in the attitude of people watching those news channels. So media houses must always present a balanced viewpoint on any issue.

Hence communalism can be combated in the best way when people are able to develop a balance between their religious sentiments and national interests, they need to understand that nation comes first that is nationalism is greater. We have to understand that there will always be anti-nation elements propagating communal tensions but we have to be rational and have a mindset that is free from all kings of biasness towards any religion or community.

Anything violence does, peace can do it better.”