A better way

Are you dealing with many health problems and one such is weight gain, digestion and more, due to this lockdown when you are stuck inside the house with your family and eating much more than required? Or… are you the one as me who was on the overweight site even before this lockdown could hit you. Yeah, I too am a same kind of person who always had a bloated overweight body like my Body mass index showed I am healthier but I didn’t looked fit or I looked like someone has aired some amount into me to look so bulky like a Potato.

I have lost much amount of weight previously but then also I was looking bulky and fatty but now when I at a same measured weight as I was before but looked not like a potato or fatty. Then what would had happened to me. Is it some sort of o magic well…? Yes, I worked on that magic Like changed my mindset as a resulted I started thinking as if.

  1. Everything is fine, and you look good as you.
  2. Even how much you tried at a point you will get the body or health you wanted.
  3. Constantly work on it you will get results at a point.

Now let us move forward:

Why cannot you lose weight?

You have been health conscious since an early age, but you have been trying all sort of stuff, but you could not lose weight one reason might be this you might had your mindset on losing weight not getting healthier to yourself.

What is the time?

You have been constantly working on yourself but could not help it. You should know that a way a healthy step works, or functions is slow, but you must be steady or consistent in doing so or following that healthier approach which you have started. Then at a movement a time will come when you look healthier neither obese nor undernutrition.

Working on it

 Well changing yourself or something about you is little harder or tougher because everything takes time you have to continuously work on it to achieve what you wanted.

For example

There was a girl name Nancy who was always chubby bulky and was not of a good taller height, but she was also of 16 years old. She tried doing many sort of activities like she dance but was not looking good doing it, she would walk for miles but could not continue because she had something happen to her body whenever she walks more which resulted in her just sitting and rested for the thing to recover, she gave up everything she tried. Than once when she was scrolling through YouTube she reached some one who inspired her to dance not because to loose weight but wanted to improve in dancing which made her fell in love with dancing too again, they made her love herself in any given condition. She was happier after she got to know them she got happier enjoyed everything in her life. After much physical activities and eating good with a healthier lifestyle she somehow gains few inches of height and now looks pretty good, beautiful, and loves herself.

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