A Miracle Herb: Giloy

Scientific name of giloy is Tinospora Cordifdia also known as Guduchi in Hindi. It belongs to Menispermaceae family. It is climbing shurb have heart shaped leaf and also known as Heart-leaved moonseed.

Medicinal properties of Giloy

Giloy contains several important nutrients like Alkaloids, Terpenoids,Lignans, Steroids, etc. It can be used to cure fever, urinary problem, skiin disease, diabetes, etc.


  • Chronic fever:- Giloy is a anti-inflammatory, antipyretic herb which helps to boost immunity.
  • Controls blood sugar level:- Giloy is known as “Madhunashini” in Ayurveda which means destroyer of sugar.
  • Improves digestion:- Giloy can reduce digestion-related problems like diarrhea hyperacidity, etc.
  • Reduces stress:- Giloy cools down the body and improves memory power

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