Body positivity refers to accepting your body irrespective of weight and size of individual with embracing all flaws and imperfections, In simpler words loving and accepting the way you look. Body positivity is like a movement of empowering every individual, it also challenges the way people look and body shame other on basis of their physical appearance. You must have heard people saying that Omg she looks so fat or shew is pretty but fatty, they always made this comment and feel that they have empowered themselves and setting a good example for society but what they don’t know is that one single comment can destroy someone’s self esteem, can damage their mental health as well. so if a person is trying to accept themselves with all the flaws and imperfection, society has problem with that because they have never seen anyone to be bug and still loving their body, what they know is being slim is the only body type that should exist, that is what a ideal individual should look like.

Due to these things body positivity breaks all the stereotype and set some new rules for society that is

1- Having big body is as normal as being slim.

2- Loving yourself is normal and loving your imperfections is normal as well.

3- Not judging someone based on their physical; appearance is great.

Because body comes in all shapes and size and you look beautiful as you are, you don’t have to change yourself just because someone else wants you to, if they are not able to accept yourself fully that’s their problem not yours.

On a kind note: You are beautiful just accept it and embrace your flaws.