In India, Mental issues has been considered as a bane since ages. An issue which should ideally be concerned over more than any other diseases and problems in an individual’s life was always overlooked by each and everyone here. Instead what happened was without knowing the inner feelings and situations of someone, considering him/her mentally ill and making fun of their condition, discarding them out of social groups, insulting them in every possible ways. From children to elders; behaviors were all the same, because the root cause was the wrong learning which each one of us received. Calling someone “Mad” for some unusual pattern of theirs’ was and is taught as a very casual, funny thing to every kid. The problem is our society being so obsessed with their typically illogical norms set up by some Orthodox and unlearnt people. God knows how many lives had been destroyed beacuse of these stupid things people does, how many killed themselves till date just because they expected someone to understand them, but were disappointed.

Why are these norms even more important than a person’s whole life? Since, when did humans became so selfish to not care about anyone until they are either dead or devastated?

Be it a kid, teenager, adult each and everyone has a right to be understood and it’s a responsibility of all to understand. To answer the questions above I could suggest only one word ‘Respect’. Everyone here, is taught to care about society more than oneself. Be it our own parents and family at times, all would teach us to stop being different because it wasn’t respected enough and just close our eyes follow the illogical path to living. While Lord himself has made each one of us unique with different looks and features, why can’t we just respect and accept all what a person is and beautifully embrace the diversity of human kind. Let the person be free and do what makes Them happy and not just the society. Give a chance for everyone to express well and. not judge them unnecessarily. Be trust worthy and loving enough to make someone feel comfortable in sharing, rather than choosing death as a better option. However, finally when the world was at break in these lockdowns due to Covid is when everyone as a whole started gaining an in depth knowledge of mental health and a necessity to understand it, as of course it wasn’t easy to live caged in the same place and space everyday. The understanding came when all the people themselves beared the burden on their heads.

But, as said ” Better late than never”. The Mental Health consideration came into existence and the spread of a proper knowledge onto this utterly important topic started. Mainly initiated by Social media influencers to becoming a trending topic among common people, to celebs. It has finally came up to the government’s notice.


Taking it to consideration, CBSE (Central board of secondary education) has finally come up with a plan to spread a proper mental health awareness within the kids aged 9-11 years. News report from A reliable source states that, “CBSE has launched a new Mobile app for students and parents. The new app ‘Dost for life’ is an exclusive psychological counselling app for students and parents of Case affiliated students. The new app will simultaneously cater to students and parents from different cbse- affiliated schools in different geographies accross the World”.

This app is easily available for download on play store and is already affiliated with all the CBSE schools. Under this, students can fix their time slots according to their convenience and sit and attend sessions on mental health awareness three days a week. This would not only help students and parents understand and respect their own mental state and each other’s but also acknowledge them with the facts on how to be a help to people suffering through related issues arround them. Being known with facts and consequences of this issue, they could also be stopped from exaggerating their own problems, understand the true meaning of these terms and how to contribute their part in saving others from it. It will fulfill the agenda of making ‘Mental health’ an open and foremost significant topic to learn and talk about. Hopefully, it would contribute to the future of our country in the best way possible.


Remember, that fear of being judged and Unaccepted is the biggest enemy of a person. Thus, Self worth and Respect for others are the two main weapons you could use to curb this fear to build in you and others as well. Learn to accept yourself and others, take advices from good people around when confused, give them if Experienced but , “Never Ever Give Up”.

Here are some Lifehacks to keep you calm and happy in every situation for you to learn and suggest to your loved ones and to people in need for help; Find serenity in little things.