Conservation Of Wildlife.

” The love for living creature is the most noble attribute of man”.

These words are well said by Charles Darwin, the biologist, who well know the pertinence of all living creatures and the need of harmony between man and other creatures. Our ecosystem depends on the cycle of interdependence between man and other creatures. If even one species become extinct, our ecosystem gets disturbed.

Man’s avarice allure it to do wrong thing, even killing may it be animals or others in form of poaching, hunting. Scientist reveal the fact, that since the development of ecosystem, above 2000 species have become extinct and about 1000 are endangered.

Artificial Intelligence in Biodiversity: How AI can help in Animal  Conservation ? | by Cogito Tech LLC | Becoming Human: Artificial  Intelligence Magazine

The question arises……

How long will the Earth sustain….?


How the Earth will sustain by the artificial technology only, when everything is virtual….?

Killing fisheries, poultry, just for savoring tastes is not ethical for human being.

Change is the law of nature. Gone are the days when we enslaved animals or used horses alike ‘Chetak’, cows alike ‘Nandi’ etc. The need of the hour is to protect wildlife, not only by constructing National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries or launching campaigns.

It is the awareness which has to be enlighten within each one of us and unconditional bond between us and animals.

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