Why do people paraglide

We human beings are blessed with the ability to talk, express our thoughts and feelings, walk freely on the land and various other things. Man is a curious creature wanting to try and explore new things and experiencing joy in that. Seeing the birds fly freely in the sky witnessing the nature and human made settlements through the microscopic view , many feet away from land has often led people to wonder how it would be to be in that sky. Well the creation of Aeroplane did do a little to experience that but still nothing comes closer to the experience of getting yourself loose in the air without a metal box enclosing you. The feeling of spreading your limbs freely experiencing the glories of nature , the very reason of our existence is incredible. And what if there is an opportunity to be this free bird amidst the world famous mighty Himalayas- where the wind from the great mountains will caress your face destressing you of your worries, the luscious greenery will provide you peace , the valleys and the rivers flowing hundreds and thousands of feet below you will scream peace and tranquility providing relief to the buried souls. Yes it is PARAGLIDING we are talking about.

To all the adventure sport lovers who are missing the rush of adrenaline flow through them while they take the “safe risks” by flying in air, in this covid pandemic where staying at home is the sole option, this blog is for you to read . The blog I am sure will give you all the reasons and information regarding paragliding in BIR BILLING.

Why to choose Bir as a paragliding destination

Bir , a small village located in the heart of Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh- The land of Gods , is a paradisal abode for all the adrenaline lovers, offering an unforgettable lifetime experience of letting yourself free amongst the clouds while gliding through them. IT IS THE BEST PARAGLIDING DESTINATION IN INDIA which attracts gliders from all over the world. Bir has also played as a host of 2015 Paragliding world cup.

The Bir-Billing area is a popular site for paragliders both searching for tandem paragliding as well as solo paragliding which attracts people from all over the world to paraglide. It is the highest paragliding spot in India and is the best budget friendly option which enables you to take a flight from 2430 meters above the sea level. It also offers you an opportunity to camp and relax in the lap of nature , away from all the worries , in a pocket friendly way.

Bir Billing can be accessed via road, train and flight. The Gaggal airport in Dharmshala is the nearest air port to Bir which is connected to Kullu and Delhi and the distance between Dharmshala to Bir is 68 kilometers which can be accessed only by road. To reach Bir by train one has to travel till Pathankot railway station and then take a toy train to Ahju railway station which is just 3 kilometers away from Bir. The toy train experience is also a wonderful one and I would recommend taking the train option as the toy train seeping through the majestic Himalayan valleys and tunnels will take you a step closer to the nature. Also there are buses at regular intervals from Dharmshala and Shimla to take you to Bir and overnight buses from Delhi to Dharmshala and Shimla runs daily.

Paragliding in Bir

The take off site at Bir offers a mighty 360 degree view of Dhauladhar Mountain Range. A single paragliding flight of about 15 minutes will cost rupees 2000 generally while a 30 minute long flight will cost you around 3000 rupees.(Note these are the general rates and it may differ from one paragliding company to the other).

You will be taken to the take off site by the company you choose to paraglide with. For the first time paragliders , tandem paragliding where you will paraglide with a professional paraglider, is highly recommended. A harness securing you with the paraglider will be tied to ensure your safety and the balloon and navigation will be the responsibility of your paraglider. You will have to take a short run pre take off from the cliff in the air which will get you set free in the air. The process of the short run followed by the jumping in air can be a bit scary but within two minutes max your fear will be overpowered by excitement and ecstasy of being able to shake your hands and limbs freely in the air without a caged body .

Best Time to visit Bir

The best time to visit Bir is between October to June. However paragliding in December and January when the mighty Himalayas are covered in white sheet of snow is simply fantastic. However, the paragliding may be stalled sometimes due to snowfall in the winter months.

For staying you can either choose the option of rental homes or the hotels, the prices of which starts from 500 rupees per night and go as high as to 3000 rupees per night depending upon the luxuries.