The Hot Planet Story

Two frogs are playing in a pond, then suddenly, BAM! They are kidnapped and taken to a kitchen by a chef. The chef boils up a pot of water and throws one frog inside. Sensing danger, the frog jumps out of the pot and escapes. The chef tries a different strategy with the other frog. This time, he turns on the heat slowly so that the frog doesn’t realize that it is being cooked.


Are we not facing the same situation? Yes, Global Warming.

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Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the earth. It is one of the greatest environmental challenges.

Global warming is caused due to many reasons, the primary one being human activity. Greenhouse effect is the main cause of global warming. A greenhouse is made of glass which helps the plants stay warm even when it is cold outside. Similarly, the greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide act as an insulation to keep us warm. This is a natural process. But if more and more greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere, the earth becomes warmer rapidly. But what causes this?

Here we go again….. Human activity.

Over population


Burning of fossil fuels


All this leads to melting of glaciers which increases the sea level. This further leads to change in ecosystem. Rise in droughts, forest fires, hurricanes, and desertification are also caused due to global warming

Still, global warming remains to be a controversy, leading to many debates. Some people believe that global warming is just a natural cycle and the drastic climate changes have nothing to do with human activity. In my opinion, blaming the nature is not right. Since we are greedy and don’t want to fix the issue, we find such excuses.

Now moving on the solutions.

  • Spreading awareness, is a great step to fight against global warming, that is what this article is about, isn’t it?
  • Simple solutions like unplugging devices when not in use, carpooling, using LED lights and CFLs, planting trees and recycling can both save money and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Using renewable energy sources, zero-carbon technologies like wind turbines, solar panels, and biomass boilers can be built to conserve energy.
  • Start-ups that develop such technologies should be encouraged and offered tax and loan incentives.

We can take such measures to protect our planet. Together we shall fight climate change and protect our dearest planet.

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