World social media day

Hello guys!!

Do you know we celebrate world social media day on June 30 th.
Today is a very special day cause today is the day we celebrate the evolution of media from old times till now to the present social media, which made communication lot more easier,accessible,accurate.

Social media is a platform where different kinds of people are connected together .But the security and privacy is still the top most priority of the social media apps

As technology is developing faster and faster the social media applications are also evolving at an
astonishing rate .

Especially during this pandemic
Social media was one of the reasons why people were still able to connect with people at various places.

Social media became extremely essential during these times.we can even say that bonds,relations and specially the connections between people is maintained .

They are even updating their apps constantly so users can benefit from it,the user should not feel alone when they use these apps that is what a successful app must have .

Through social media not only people connect ,but people with similar interests gather together under one roof that is to say at the same place same place and enjoy each other’s company.

Social media acts as a platform where even a small issue can gather lots of attention and raise awareness among people about various issues.It is changing people’s ideals it’s telling what is good and what is not.It is helping us to gain knowledge , entertainment,education,news etc.

Social media has their own advantages and disadvantages based on how we use them.

Social media is both boon and Bane because it is the reason why people who are at different places able to connect and it is also the reason why we are becoming more far to our own families .

So as they say everything should be done in limit,and anything that exceeds the limit is not good .

So even usage of social media should be limited .Even the applications are also updated their apps and added new features where we can view our usage of that particular app so we can limit our usage to certain extent.

So at last what I want to say is every thing is in your hands either to make social media your boon or your Bane depends on you.