what is Organ Trafficking,can this crime be exposed?

Organ Trafficking is a illegal crime of transporting,harbouring of living persons or deceased persons or their organs by means of abduction ,fraud that makes the abuse of power of a professionals position.Human Trafficking holds a critical place with transactional organized crime groups due to demand of organs at low rates of law enforcement.Organ Trafficking is considered to be dark form of illicit that causes destruction to the medical norms.Global Financial Integrity(GFI) estimates that 10 % of all the organtransplants includes lungs,Hearts and Liver.

According to the sources this illicit invloves a huge groups ,the donors of the organs are mostly targeted to be the orphans. This crime is a planned act which is against law and medical norms.The orphans are easy for this illicit as they have no identity to recognise from their legit.so this loophole is made as business by many Traffickers for operating from various locations.Desperate patients in need of Organ may fall as a prey for the Traffickers who could praise a high Ransom for the organ matching .The Medical reforms involved in this illicit are involves many skilled professional doctors,medicos etc.This professionals perform various Opeartions ,surgeries are a part of Financial exploitation creating multilevel equation of crime.

It is Extremely difficult to know exactly how much Transplantations Laundering generates annually WorldWide But it is estimated that the Illegal trade Conservatively generates around $800 millions to $1.7 Billions annually according to GFI,it is difficult for both law enforcement agents and anti-money Laundering(AML)professionals to detect related Financial activity.This is due to the bulk Groups involving in the crime and Transparency nature of the crime.The main scapegoats made for this illicits are the medical captives includes hospitals and the drug pharmacies.The pharamaceuticals required for the Transplantations are also acquried from various sources from several agencies.

Todays Digital world made easy menthod of transfers through various websites,agencies and medical tourisms that offer transplant services with transparency.Method of payments such as email money transfer,bulk and cash withdrawl,credit card Payments to agencies.

Some Economists generally claim and lean for arguments for organ legalization is the one way to overcome this Red market illicit.Although Governments have Imposed and Implemented initiatives with legal definitions to increase Organ donation through public awareness Campaigns,consent laws.Legalizing payments for organs would encourage more people to donate organs.criminal Middlemen often take large sums of money cut for the payment of the organ leaving a little money left for the donor,this had to be avoided to reduce harm for the donors.After the donors often do not receive any medical followup because they are afraid that their role in crime will be discovered.considering all the facts there is still a quest for this question whether this” Red market Crime can be Exposed or not?”.

Major considerations for this question also have a claim thought of making Organ Transplantation as a Legal Model.One of this model include Free market Model system to Combat the organ shortage that helps to drive the illegal Trade.Although it doesn’t still attain a clear attention as advocates counter these claims by saying that death or murder for financial gain already happens.The main motto to expose this crimes is to protect and prohibit medical professionals and drug Pharmacies from performing such illicit organ transplantations all over the world.