AYURVEDIC MEDICINE:History and its importance

The word Ayurvedha is comprised of two Sanskrit terms “Ayur” means life, “veda” means science or knowledge.Ayurvedha is Explored Natural method for Improving the wellness of the body and Mind.It is believed that the Ancient Rishis or saints of india Received the gift of Ayurvedha from their Hindu Deities about 5000 years ago.Most of its essential Information about achieving a balanced and healthy life was obtained from Vedas,specifically the Artarva Vedha.

The Rishis ,saints and munis of the indian society dedicated their entire lives to understand and explore the truth about the universe.All their Knowledge and Practices to their students has been passed down and recorded their discoveries in the holy book of Vedas.The vedas are the oldest form of literature.The Artarva Veda is the book of Knowledge that india’s ancient medical Practices are studied and systematically Outlined.The Classics of Ayurveda consist of Charaka Samhita,sushruta Samhita,and Ashtanga Hridayam Sangraha.


The orginal texts of this book were thought to be written by Agnivesha, an Ayurvedic Scholar.It is believed that Agnivesha’s and his co-disciples created samihitas By adding their Knowledge to the subject.Charka later annotated Agnivesha’s work and focussed more on the diagnosis of the disease.He also detailed The medical value and qualities of over 10,000 Herbal Plants.


This samhitas explain the concept and practice of Surgery in ayurveda.Many modern Scolars and Researchers suggest that it was created around in middle of first BCE.Sushruta Samhita is composed of 184 chapters,300 types of operations,different surgical procedures , various kinds of instruments and kinds of medicines derived from animals,plants and Minerals.


This samhita was formed after the Charaka samhita and Sushruta Samhita were written.It mainly focuses on the kayachikista, the branch of ayurveda that specializes in internal Medicine.It also explains the qualities of various food,plants and animals in respect of their medicinal and Health benefits.


The emergence of modern science has threatened Ayurveda’s integrity.Many researches conclude that Ayurveda and experimental evidence-based medicine should be combined together with innovative intiatives that explore preventive and personalized medicine.This modern medical Practices and remedies has also become significant price point,Ayurveda provides an excellent alternative for people who cannot afford the cost of modern medicine due to economic factors.Ayurveda’s influence is steadily seeping into societies internationally,it not only provide health benefits but it also offers a postive economic impacts.

Ayurveda was officially recognised by WHO(World Health Organization)in 1976.Ayurveda ,through diet and lifestyles balances stress and work under pressure which is vital for the present human era.It also leads to long term revitalizing energy in forms of relaxation,meditation,anti-aging,Healthy skin etc.Ayurveda provides a heal to all the diseases in a plain and healthy methods.Ayurveda is considered as one of the most ancient sciences of health and Medicine,also includes cosmetics.Ayurvedic Cosmetics as considered as safe solutions,no side effects to skin with use of natural herbs,long lasting impacts with beauty.

One of the challenges that Ayurveda faces in its developement is the standardization of its medicine .Medicinal Plants and herbs used in Ayurveda are also threatening the conservation of india’s flora.Despite the importance of these medicinal plants,the trade for them remains unorganized,unregulated.It is based on the indigenous theories, and experiences passed from one to other generation WHO continues to encourage the preservation and promotion of the Traditional medicine of each country.Ayurveda has importance with it’s own ways and how it is used for the required medications.


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