Doctors’ Day: A Day for the Life Savers

Doctors are said to be next to God. They save the lives of people, risking their own many a times. This day is a tribute to all the doctors and healthcare workers.

Every year the Indian Medical Association (IMA) celebrates 1st July as National Doctors’ Day on the birth and death anniversary of Bengal’s former Chief Minister, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, to commemorate his contributions in the medical field to serve humanity. He took birth on 1st July 1882 and died on the same day in 1991. The day was first recognized in the year 1991.

National Doctors’ Day is dedicated to the doctors who serve to save the lives of people sacrificing their own. It is to recognize the contributions, efforts, and sacrifices the doctors make for the community and mankind. This year’s theme for National Doctors’ Day is “Save The Saviours”.

Coronavirus is contagious and life-taking, yet doctors are making all efforts to save the lives of the infected. Many doctors lost their life battle to save others. Especially now, when the pandemic has taken a toll on the lives of people, doctors have constantly worked day and night without break to save the lives of the patient. Their consistent attempts have saved the lives of many.

The doctors have been working 24*7 in that Personal Protective Equipment or as we know it as PPE kits; fully covered all day long without any complaint of heat, without water or food for as long hours as 17-18 hours at least; without any complaint of hunger or thirst, just to save the lives of people suffering from the deadly coronavirus. The continuous wearing of masks scars their ears and cheeks. The doctors sacrifice a lot for patients.

The pandemic made us understand more about the importance and dedication of doctors and health workers in our lives. Many of the retired doctors and nurses got trained and returned to work to treat the patients of COVID-19. The doctors and nurses working for treating the COVID-19 patients are not able to meet their families, for preventing the spread of it. They stay away from their kids and family just so that the patients can return to their families healthy and safe. Many doctors themselves suffering from coronavirus sacrificed their lives by giving up on hospitals beds for other patients when there were crisis for beds in hospitals.

Honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, even mentioned doctors’ day and emphasized the role and exceptional contribution of doctors to save the lives of people in this pandemic. He also said that the doctors’ love for medicine is their love for humanity and with this power of love the doctors are taking care of us. He even congratulated and appreciated the efforts of doctors through his tweet saying, “On Doctors’ Day, my greetings to all the doctors. India’s strides in the world of medicine are commendable and have contributed to making our planet healthier.”

Doctors’ Day is for us to make out some time and appreciate the efforts and contributions of doctors. Thank them for their sacrifices and selfless services.

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