Front end and back end services of server less computing:


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The marketing term ‘Server less” refers to a new generation of platform –as-a-service offerings by major cloud providers. Here the infrastructure provider takes responsibility for receiving client requests and responding to them, capacity planning, task scheduling and operational monitoring. These new services were first introduced by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda. Here the application developers are no longer in the ‘server’ process that listens to TCP socket. That means usage is billed only when an application actively processes events, not when it is waiting .This, in effect, means that application idle time is free. Server less computing can be viewed as containerization operated at a scale where the optimization of resource usage can be done by the infrastructure provider, across all customers, rather than managed by a particular customer within their own deployment. Here the service providers provides several distributed authentication and authorization mechanisms to support the untrusted requests coming from client applications. Another benefit is in AWS lambda the function can use streaming data APIs and work with significantly lower memory limit.