Is Literature taking us away from the real world?

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It is always considered that the people always acknowledge “ what is actual and reasonable” and in this instance often the imaginative world is denied by them!

Literature is not only a branch of academia which people are fond of for centuries but it has further become into a subject of the matter when it comes to fiction”. It is often unvalued by the fact that literature provides an absurd approach to the other branches of the world that believes in science and not in magical elements.

The fact that one should always remember is that the essence of literature is never gone even in spite of so many prejudices against it. Great writers Like John Donne, William Shakespeare, Rabindranath Tagore have upheld the pride of literature by their beautiful works.

Literature – A Backbone of the Inner society!

A very famous quote of all, which we have known for ages; “Literature is a mirror of society”, yet we forget this quote because non- Literature people are not very fond of poetry, essays, and novels. But one must know that Literature is not only a place for fictional lovers but also provides a reality of the real world.

Taking back to Chaucer’s age when writing was not so popular, yet “Canterbury Tales” was written and unexpectedly it turned out to be the legendary piece that literature holds to date. Being one of the best pieces of all, Canterbury tales was the background of the 14th-century society of England where people believe in god and considered god above humans.

When the English renaissance came people started to believe among themselves and considered humans and humanists as the great topic and wrote about them and their lives.

The whole background history is found in those classical works in the form of so called “Literature works”.

Now when people talk about the history and the consequences of the wars, it is literature that has preserved the whole history in several kinds of books that are cherished and protected by them who understood the purity of literature.

Every drop of works is poured into the petals of history and preserved by these eminent writers who contributed their emotions and portrayed the society of that era through their writings and contributed to the ocean of literature.

For some it’s a “Myth” :

There are several ideologies and theories are done in the matter of literature and they proved that literature is a myth as it doesn’t belong any place in the real world! So the question that arrives here is , what do literarians, bibliophiles and the readers think about?

This is a very controversial concern, as for some “Literature is an emotion which should be presevered for the coming eras, It is something to be conserved so that the coming generation would know the aesthetics of emotions, culture and people.

As the days are going by, the essence of humanity is decreasing day after the other, but certain emotional norms are still alive holding up because of literature, it is because of Great works like “Romeo and Juliet”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Wuthering Heights”, that people still believe in love and its pure existence between two people. Even in this era where people are having an ill-fated relationship and are doomed by their own actions still believe that there are certain emotions present In them.

The world is a better place if people love each other and live in harmony. It is literature that teaches that still we all are humans and we should accept the fact that not everywhere facts and logical explanations are approved, rather it is emotional evidence that is more prominent.

Its time to save literature!

Every branch of academia is relevant in some way or the other which provides us the reality check of various elements present in the world , among them literature is one of them which still is remembered and exists in our society due to the tremendous works done by the crafters of literature ( The writers, poets).

Hiding it or erasing it would never be a good thing to do, as aestheticism always protected these works and still popular among people who believe in fantasy and poetry. It is rather a sense a catharsis which each reader goes through which is written by these dead writers.

Though the artists die, the art remains forever! Likewise, The art of literature can never be faded because the artist’s art is immortal, all we have to respond that we as ardent readers should make this immortal art live for many centuries and should never let them fade away in spite of any circumstances which the worlds demand us to do.