Reviver Reviewed

A question that has probably existed since the dawn of man himself “What happens after death ?”. This is question that Seth Patrick tries to address in his novel “Reviver”. It tells the tale of a world with special people that can temporary revive the dead and have a conversation with them. This process is even accepted by the law as the testimony of the recently departed it is a complete process where a licensed reviver asks questions to the departed about their demise and this entire conversation is recorded and presented in the court of law if required.

The story follows Jonah Miller a top reviver of the Forensic Revival Service on a seemingly normal day out to try and revive a murder victim Alice Decker. What seems to be a routine revival turns out to be a complex one as the deceased is scared of something and nothing Jonah does helps calm her down. After coaxing allice to answer his questions he lets her go but not before receiving an ominous message “Someone’s Coming” he lets her go immediately. When he’s just about to leave the corpse seemingly speaks only to him in a malicious voice “We See You..”. As this isn’t witnessed by anyone but Jonah it’s chalked up to stress and fatigue but Jonah has a feeling this isn’t all it seems.

A new day rolls around and with it sadly a new murder. A little girl is murdered and Jonah is called up to do the revival and get some answers to the cops and closure to the family. Though anxious Jonah completes the revival with no issues at all and the girl even gets to say goodbye to her distraught parents. Satisfied about a job well done Jonah leaves the girls house but is suddenly washed over with feelings of anger towards a man he feels like he knows, he then proceeds to attack the man saying “you killed me” and passes out. This is again chalked up to stress and Jonah being overworked as revivers have a rest period and he is one of the revivers with the smallest tail as it was termed.

Then Daniel Harker the man credited with the discovery of a reviver is found dead and to solve the mystery of his death FRS calls upon their finest reviver Jonah again. The reason for calling upon Jonah is simple Harker is a complex case and another top reviver Pru Dryden failed at the revival. Jonah starts the long revival attempt feeling all the pain Harker felt while dying of thirst he almost fails but still manages to establish a connection with Harker. He has a conversation with Harker and is able to get enough answers out of him but sadly isn’t able to let Harker have a last conversation with his daughter Annabel. After the revival Jonah starts seeing Harker who seemingly let go of his own body but didn’t let go Jonah.

The revival points the police to a group know as Afterlifers who oppose revival on predominantly religious beliefs. Jonah still coming to terms with having Harker in his head decides to investigate the murder himself and bring justice to Harker. He works with Annabel and his best friend Never Geary to try and solve the mystery but is sucked into a whirlpool of mysteries and ends up with having to search his own past for the answers. He slowly discovers the reality of the defunct organisation known as Baseline which experimented and promoted revivers funded by the aging business tycoon Michael Andreas.

In conclusion the novel heavily leans on the fact that being right or wrong differs from the perspective from which its being viewed from. It is a really great novel that is part of a trilogy which is really intriguing and amazing to read. It really is gripping story that has elements of both Sci-Fi and horror. The novel plays on the concept of the world facing utter annihilation or conservation depending on who you ask. Stay tuned for a review on the next 2 parts of the trilogy too.

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