Suppose that when you went to your Dr. for a regular health check-up. There your Dr. has given you your health prescription in which you are recommender a few medicines and surprisingly a simple thing to do every day and that is walking. Well then you will ask more questions and the Dr. will say walking has various health benefits and you need it too.

What is the thing which we are been doing when we were just a year old or when a newborn is born is born in a family there when the baby start walking Is also considered or taken walking as a strong or proper growth of a child?

Well, there are various benefits of walking daily, anyone can take these benefits by following a consistent walk every day. Various health researchers have found that there are chances that walking may improve your lifespan.

Are there only few benefits of walking? The answer to this question is no there NO there are many benefits for just walking, by just taking a small amount of time from your one and only precious lifestyle everyday just for walking. Seriously it will only take few moments or little span of time and you will get various benefits by following this walking ritual daily and after some time it will become your habit (As it is said that it only takes 21 days to form a habit if you are consistent or regular.

The benefits of walking

  • Can help you tone your legs and reduces excess fat from your body.

While walking regularly for about 30 minutes daily will help burn calories and will reduce the excess amount of fat stored in you body and can help slim down your legs. When you walk your legs works constantly which will help reduce your body fat percentage.

  • Can help is lowering you heart risk.

While doing any sort of physical activities you heart pumps blood the proper way to each part or organ of your body same is while walking for some time period daily will also reduces your heart risk

  • Can help in reducing blood sugar level.

Walking is also one kind of physical activity and while doing so or while walking daily the blood sugar level will reduce which may results in getting you benefits of that.

  • Can help increase your lifespan.

Studies have shown that by walking daily people’s life span may increase. People who walk daily tend to live more than people who do not.

  • Can improve your immune system.

People who walk daily for a certain amount of time of their day tends to get less sick or even if they get Sikh they will we able to fight with the fever and get healthier faster than normal people. SO, while walking your immune system will become stronger.

There are more benefits pf while walking and that is. When we people walk in a society there will be less crimes. Can develop your social skills and help reduces depression.

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