Can Youtube be a career option?

As we all know Youtube is the biggest video-sharing platform in the world. YouTube has over 50 million creators and billions of content consumers. And it is also not hidden that one can earn a good amount of money by uploading content-loaded videos. Many of the youngsters nowadays are somewhere thinking about starting a youtube channel or they already are making videos on the platform.

But the real question is, can YouTube be a career option?

Well, seeing the growth of the platform, YouTube does have potential as a career. And there are lots of categories under which one can create content and earn. But, is it that easy? No, it’s surely not because the most required thing to earn money from Youtube is by getting views on your videos. And in every minute around 300 hours of videos are being uploaded to Youtube. So, you can now imagine how difficult it’ll be for viewers to find yours. And if you are aiming for the stars you would require decent gear. And a decent gear itself will cost you a fortune. And in need to produce top-quality content, you need costly gear. Moreover, you need to hire scriptwriters, video editors, a manager, etc. But, if you have financial support. And if you are passionate about it and can maintain consistency of good/original content with a consistent uploading streak then in no time you’ll gain viewers as well as you can earn money.

Then comes another question.
Should I choose Youtube over my studies?

Well, Youtube is a two-sided coin and the choice depends on you if you’re prepared for the hard work with a lot of patience or would like a steady paycheck.


Of course, it takes money to make impressive high-quality videos and also comes with no shortage of haters and trolls. But what you really need is; belief and vision. Are you sure you have that talent that will attract viewers?  How much confidence do you have in your content? Will it set a bar above standards?  Do you enjoy not having a regular pack check, editing, and writing scripts? If yes, then Youtube is your game.