Lost Souls : Reviewed

A sequel to the brilliant thriller “Reviver” by Seth Patrick, Lost Souls picks up where it left off with a bang. It develops on the established conflict between the revivers and the antilifers in way that is not expected. After the clash between Jonah Miller the best reviver and the antagonist, Jonah thinks the clash is finally over but he’s soon proven wrong by a series of events. The Afterlifers have nearly doubled their efforts to stop revival with better funding and a stronger resolve, they’ve started to play to the publics fears and reel them in.

After the ordeal faced in the last novel thinking everything is dandy, Jonah gets back to his job as a forensic reviver. He talks to the recently deceased to get some answers and bring some closure to the ones they left behind. Jonah is called up for a revival that doesn’t go as planned. The victim seems to be the latest target of a serial killer, the mystery still remains as Jonah is not allowed to proceed with the revival as the afterlifers get their hands on the case and do everything in their hands to stop the revival. He begins to think if it’s the time to retire from the FRS and get into private revival. Jonah thinks about the mutilated series of corpses and has a feeling that everything’s not as it seems.

Annabel Harker is investigating Michael Andreas and trying to balance her new relationship with Jonah. She comes across some more secrets about Andreas and baseline. Jonah and Annabel are drifting apart due to her giving more importance to finding Andreas and less time to their own lives, Jonah the ever hopeful keeps trying to hold on but finds himself hurting more and more. Despite their differences they have to come together to each others aid when Michael Andreas seemingly back from the dead announces his arrival to the world. Jonah knows something is wrong, he knows Andreas is not who he claims to be. Jonah, Never and Annabel go on the run in an attempt to stay safe and find all they can about Andreas.

The trio of Jonah, Annabel and Never start to dig deeper even when on the run and come face to face with a series of revelations that point to an incoming apocalypse. They soon find out the depth to which Andreas and the afterlifers are rooted to. This makes it difficult for them to trust anyone but themselves, because one mistake could end up being their last. Having to deal with such situations on top of being practically marked for death makes them question the science and dive into the myths. The saying knowledge is power cannot be any more perfect, knowledge of what they are dealing with will be the tool they need in the fight. After countless hours of research they find out the true motives and identity of the entity masquerading as Michael Andreas. They have to fight to save the world.

In conclusion the thrilling novel “Lost Souls” lives up to its predecessor and ramps up the intrigue and action in the novel. Sure to keep you from putting the book down is its complex story that is sure to make you think. The character development from the first novel is amazing, it keeps the qualities that define the character and adds to it. The novel sets up the final part with a warning to our heroes and an incentive for the readers. For me this novel was a blast and would heartily recommend anyone fond of a good thriller. So, stay tuned for my review on the final part of this trilogy.

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