Peace is everybody’s desire, But violence never disappeared-Why?

Before getting into the topic, let us learn what is violence. Violence, as described by the WHO is the ” intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, that either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment or deprivation”. I believe simplifying this definition will make us loose out on something important. Developing such a strong definition for an act shows how it is affecting the humanity without any doubt.


SELF DIRECTED VIOLENCE: The violence which is directed to harm one`s self. These include the forms of self harm such as suicide attempts, either successful or not, or even thinking about it. Attempts to injure or destruct body parts without conscious intention of suicide also included in this.

INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE: Violence that occurs between family members or partners or individuals who may not know each other is included in this category. For example abuse of elders or children.

COLLECTIVE VIOLENCE: This is mainly what we see in public, I mean violence by group of people who identify themselves under a group against another group. This includes genocides, abuses of human rights etc.

Regardless of what type of violence is happening, its impact is always negative. Even witnessing a act of violence leaves a mark. Many people suffer from psychological disorders as the result of violence. Children who are victims of violence may develop insecurities, anxiety, antisocial behavior, anger issues etc.

Having witnessed or experienced violence, people always talk about having peace. There are so many measures explained over internet. But we don’t see any hope of getting rid of it any soon. Why is it so?

  • Preaching is easier than practicing: It`s easy to talk about anything and everything until you have to practice it. Asking for peace is not wrong, its the best thing to do. But only asking to have peace will not be sufficient. One should practice act of peace before preaching.
  • Peace is defined differently according to different perceptions people have: Peace is just the absence of war for somebody and for somebody its peace of mind. Some people think peace is present in what they believe according to their religion or some may describe it as absence of difference.
  • Increase in stress and pressure by various things: It is like a loop. Violence increases stress which may again result in violence. Its like a mother abusing children because of the harassment she faces in the family. Or stress can be induced by other things also which may result in violence. Like a person who is so stressed out in work may abuse family members as a way to vent out his/her frustration.
  • Sometimes, nobody cares: People don’t take violent behaviors seriously until someone they love or themselves face it. Thinking about violence as some other persons problem until it knocks your door is slowing down peace in the race.
  • Increasing materialism: We may not see the direct impact of materialism on violence. But greed of power, money, supremacy and many more other things blurs out peace from the frame.

Then what is the thing that brings peace in a real sense and brings it effectively? nobody knows. That doesn’t mean you should not hope for it. But one thing is sure that it should start from the individual level but definition should be universal. Whatever may be our beliefs, peace should be the ultimate goal.

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