Pollution caused due to Plastics

Plastics are the most used product nowadays. These are cheap and easily accessible and usable which makes them more available for the humans.

Plastics cost lesser than other alternatives like paper and cloth. This is why it is so common. Plastic can be used for almost anything either liquid or solid. Moreover, it comes in different forms which we can easily mold.

“Plastic pollution free world is not a choice but a commitment to life – a commitment to the next generation.”

Plastic is a non-biodegradable material. It does not leave the face of the Earth. We cannot dissolve plastic, in land or water, it remains forever. People throw garbages including plastics in the water bodies and these plastics do not get dissolved and so they pollute the water and the marine lives.

Water pollution

Thus,more and more use of plastic means more plastic which won’t get dissolved. Thus, the uprise of plastic pollution is happening at a very rapid rate.

“Our commitment to the next generation is toxic chemical free world – not just plastic pollution free world but also nuclear weapons free world.

Great things happen through great commitments.”

Plastic pollution is affe ring the whole earth, including mankind, wildlife and aquatic life. It is spreading like a disease which has no cure. Plastic polluted our water. Each year, tonnes of plastics are dumped into the ocean. As plastics doesn’t dissolve , it remains in the water thereby hampering it’s purity.

Plastic pollutes our land as well. When humans dump plastic waste into the landfills, the soil gets damaged . It ruins the fertility of the soil. In addition to this, various disease-carrying insects collect in that area, causing deadly illness.

“If we say no to plastic bags, it will save millions of people down the line.”

Most importantly, plastic pollution harms the marine life. The plastic litter in the water is mistaken for food by the aquatic animals. They eat it and die eventually. For instance, a dolphin died due to a plastic ring stuck in its mouth. It couldn’t open its mouth due to that and died of starvation.

Thus,it is our duty to decrease the plastic pollution otherwise many innocent lives will be gone, those creatures living in the water and soils.

“Plastic disposal not only pollutes the land but the water and the air, the three primary elements for any living being on the earth.”

“Ban every form of plastic before plastic bans every form of life on the earth.”