Science and technology related


The evolution of science is like a boon to the world, as human beings come to know a lot about the world they are living in including the activities they indulge into. Furthermore, the development of technology along with the advancement in Science helps to bring in a revolution in various fields such as medicine, agriculture, education, information and technology, and many more.In the present world, if we think of any sort of development, then the presence of science and technology cannot be ignored.

What is Science?

Science fundamentally is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world through observations and experiments.
Study of science evolved with the civilization of human beings.

What is Technology?

Technology (which is basically derived from the Greek word ‘technologia’) is an art, skill or ability, which is used to create and develop products and acquire knowledge.
Scientists used their knowledge to develop technology and then used technology to develop Science; so, because of this reason science and technology are an integrated term in today’s world.
Consider the following points to understand the relationship between Science and Technology −
  • Contribution of Science to Technology
  • Contribution of Technology to Science
Let us discuss these points in brief.

Contribution of Science to Technology

Let us now understand how Science has contributed to Technology −

Science as a direct source of new technological ideas

For example, innovation and development medical instruments; nuclear technology, radar system, etc.
Contribution of Science

Science as a source of engineering

Most of the technical knowledge used in the designing and development of tools and techniques is actually an outcome of ‘engineering science’.
Engineering Science
Science has also helped in the development of human skills. This is one of the fundamental contributions of Science.

Contribution of Technology to Science

Consider the following points to understand the contribution of Technology to Science −

Technology as a source of scientific challenges

The development in the field of technology paves way for research and development in the field of Science. For example, space science is one of them. Technological development likewise indirectly stimulates basic research in the field of science.

Instrumentation and measurement techniques

Development of advanced instruments facilitated scientists to measure the distance between sun and earth, the intensity of sun’s rays, the revolution of celestial bodies, internal problems of human beings, life of a bridge, etc.

Connection between science and technology:-

Science is the study of the natural world by scientific method i.e. collecting data through a systematic process. And technology is where we apply science to create devices that can solve problems and perform different tasks. Technology is literally the application of science. So, it is really impossible to separate the two.
Science, innovation, and technology each represent a successively larger category of activities that are highly interdependent from each other but distinct. Science contributes to technology generally in six ways:
  • New knowledge which serves as a direct source of ideas for new technological innovations.
  • Source of tools and techniques for more efficient engineering designs and a knowledge base for evaluation of the feasibility of different new designs.
  • Research instrumentation and laboratory techniques used in research eventually find their way into the design or industrial practices, through different methods in different areas.
  • The practice of research as a source for the development and assimilation of new human skills and capabilities useful for different innovative technologies.
  • Creating a knowledge that becomes increasingly important in the assessment of technology in terms of its wider social and environmental impacts.
  • Develops knowledge that enables more efficient strategies of applied research, development, and refinement of new technologies.
The confer impact of technology on science is of equal importance as a source of unavailable instrumentation and techniques needed to address difficult scientific questions more efficiently.

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