Exercising To The Rescue!!

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Since the last 1.5 year from facing the Outbreak of Covid-19 to the circumstances after, each and every person in the world has understood the Importance of maintaining a good Health be it physically or Mentally . COVID had been like that unknown sudden curve on the steady going road of our lives, on which we had to take a sharp turn and everything fled around with a jerk. It was something we never experienced before, perhaps it taught us a lot many things which we should have already done. Among which the most necessary lesson was to stay fit and strong, not just for saving oneself from numerously spreading diseases but also from the trauma of being locked at a place,for keeping us active and not let our bodies rust down while sitting continuously. And as we know, the best thing to do when aiming to be fit is Exercising.


According to experts, Working out (Exercise/ Yoga) should be like a basic necessity for our everyday life like food. An individual of every age, child or adult should regularly indulge into physical activities indoor and outdoors so as to keep their body and mind functioning properly. “Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul” – Amit Ray. Exercising is not just an activity. Rather, you learn life lessons, with every step you take/ with every move you make. For Example, push -ups are not easy enough to be tried or done by everyone. It takes hard work to learn it and determination to carry it out with every next pull you do. It teaches that in the same way as these, it isn’t easy to reach our final destiny in life. It takes a lot of hard work to achieve success and even more determination to maintain and improve your methods to stay at that top position always.

Yoga activates your senses, boosts up immunity as well as build up the balance in you. Meanwhile, giving you the calm and showing you the relaxing impact of thoughtfulness and nurturing balance in every aspect of life. Exercising regularly improvise efficiency of your body and also keeps you fresh and happy. We all know it’s basic benefits like weight maintenance. However there’s a lot more it has to serve you with.

Let us look at a few Lesser known benefits of exercising ;

  • It strengthens the mind to fight depression.
  • It helps in relaxing the stress and occurences of muscle and joint pains due to that.
  • It reduces anxiety and fills you up with a sense of contentment and cheerfulness in your mind, discarding out the negativity and exuding positivity in you.

Exercising or doing other such physical activities helps releasing endorphins which are powerful chemicals in the brain cells that helps energizing your mind and spirit and makes you feel good. Moreover, when you work out regularly, your body gets into a toned shape, plus it leaves a glowing effect on your facial skin. You see positive changes in yourself including those in your outer appearance and in your inner healthy and relived self. Thus, building up your self-confidence and making you feel happier about yourself and you remain at peace with your Mental health. Hence, one should always believe in practicing exercising and yoga for keeping your present and future self healthier and delightful rather than taking hundreds of pills having thousands of side effects on your bodies.

So In Case, you are inspired well and want to infuse this habbit in your daily routine. Then, there’s these little suggestion videos for you about how to start your beginner level Exercising.,

15 minute- cardio to get you lively ,

Do some Happy walking