Is the war in Afghanistan finally coming to an end?

Recently we witnessed the withdrawal of the final group of the troops of the United States from Afghanistan. A Taliban group is utilizing this situation over the past few years generating profit from these battlefield casualties and weaponry. The locals are now scared that the war might become more violent and claim more lives after the foreign troops have been evacuated. The States and its alliances will finally receive back the war material and troops that were placed in the east for over 20 years. It has also been saying the United States will still have control to defend the Afghans from the Taliban until the end of September. The Sates have the authority to plan strikes from the warplanes present in the outskirts of the war-torn nation.

The war initially began in 2001 with an intention of the States and its allies to drive out the Taliban and to deny Al-Qaeda a safe base for operations. After the initial objectives were successfully carried out a coalition was made with over 40 countries to eradicate terrorism from Afghanistan. The main reason behind the US invading the Afghans was Osama Bin Laden. The man, who was responsible for the attacks in September 2001, was living in hiding in Afghanistan with support from the Taliban. Followed by the attacks the States ask the Taliban to hand over the man accused in their case. The Taliban requested evidence supporting the crimes Bin Laden had committed, which the authorities refused to share.

On the night of 7th October 2001, the United States along with the United Kingdom launched an operation code-named Operation Enduring Freedom. Post the invasion from the west the Taliban and its allies were defeated. By the end of 2001, the Taliban no longer had control over the nation and the Al-Qaeda was almost deceased. The nation suffered for a while until a solid political reform was put into place. According to a report the number of casualties amounted to around 150,000 civilians who had to succumb to the conflicts between organizations.

Some argue that this war has made the nation suffer but on the other hand when we take a look into the healthcare of the nation the numbers are quite surprising. Since the start of the war, life expectancy has increased from 56 to 61. Also, the mortality has immensely decreased to about half of the initial rate. Now about 90% of the citizens reside in the cities and have access to clean drinking water and other basic amenities. But the sad part is the number of people that have been displaced due to this war. The United Nations estimated that over 8 million rushed out of the nation when the invasion began, of which around 5 million returned after the situation improved in the war-afflicted zone. But to date, over 2 million remain dispersed throughout the world and some live in the refugee camps located at borders.

Once, Donald Trump came into power things finally began to settle between the Taliban and the States, providing hope to the residents of the country. The current scenario as it lies; the war may be finally coming to an end. Biden recently ordered the Pentagon to evacuate its troops present in Afghanistan by the end of 2021. So to answer the question; the war is finally at its climax and the Afghan nationals can see a brighter future.