The Dead Road : Reviewed

The final chapter in the Reviver series by the wonderful Seth Patrick lives up to the previous 2 titles “Reviver” and “Lost souls”. It bring this wonderful series to a close with grace. The Reviver series takes place in a world quite similar to ours, the only difference being that there are a few special people that can bring the dead back to life for short periods of time. This ability is used by law enforcement to get a testimony of the deceased and is widely accepted in the world. People with these abelites are known as revivers but they face opposition from a quasi religious organization know as the Afterlifers. The Afterlifers oppose revival as they think of it as disrespectful and unnatural.

Jonah Miller is a reviver with the Forensic Revival Service, its his job to bring the dead back to life long enough to get some answers. He’s one of the best at the job and also has special connection with force that facilitates the Revival. After facing a boat load of troubles in the previous parts and learning a lot of secrets about their society, he finds himself still on the run and confused about his role. He gains a new ability amidst all the commotion, he begins seeing shadows on people. Thinking it to be an after effect of all the trauma endured he brushes it off and continues to stay in the radio silent zone in the state of Virginia with his girlfriend Annabel. Annabel is a journalist who began investigating Michael Andreas after her fathers death. She uncovered secrets that put her into the crosshairs of Andreas.

The book picks up indirectly where it left off, with a warning Tess had warned Jonah that the Beast is coming. Jonah attributes this beast to be connected somehow to the entity masquerading as Michael Andreas. Michael Andreas was a dashing businessman with a shady past and shadier interests. He was one of initial funders and believers of the revival process with his organization know as Baseline. The organisation was a front for Andreas’s experiments getting in contact with an entity that promised peace and power.

Jonah’s new ability proves useful when the trio of Never, Annabel and himself come face to face with the looming threat. What he sees on the people are parasites that are connected to the Beast and are bound to do his bidding. This ability becomes useful when they are attacked by the followers of the beast. Jonah soon discovers that his ability to revive the dead which helps bring humans back can be used to send these parasites back where they belong. These parasites seem to have different levels of power and have an hierarchy. Frightening things begin to happen and a darkness fills the oceans and rivers taking anyone who stands in their path. Jonah decides to revive Kendrick a government agent with ties with Andreas to learn something more. He ends up finding out that he might be the only one who could stop the impending doom.

In conclusion Seth Patrick manages to twist and turn the story even more and makes sure the last leaves an impression in the readers mind. The entire series throws curveballs at you and keeps you on the edge of your seats. The ending seems a bit simple in comparison to the others but is pretty satisfying. The protagonists have to deal with after effects of the fight, they could be the only ones able to help humanity. It was a well rounded book that makes you think about the reality too. This was the final book in the series and would be my final review pertaining to this topic.

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