The status of women in a family

There is a popular concept in the Indian Mythology the Ardhanaarishwara – this word consists of 3 parts “Ardha” which refers to half. “Naari” for women and “Ishwara” for lord. A half male and half female figure, in which the male part depicts lord Shiva and the other half depicts Goddess Shakti, this makes it quite clear to understand that a male and a female has equal importance and power but, in contrast to this we have a society where male enjoys a supreme status than a female in the same household.

There are exceptional cases where a woman is given equal importance in a family as a result of which, most of the women specially those who belong to a backward area or uneducated background have to suffer a lot in her own family but this suffering which is named as the ‘destiny’ of a women creates a much bigger problem. The social norms accept male supremacy and this can be observed in our day-to-day life and practices which are followed since a long time for instance- male head of a family, in a typical household is common but, the drawback is when it comes to decision making and implementation of rules and laws. It ultimately reduces the power of a female they are not allowed to participate in the decision making and even if they are the final decision is in the hand of the head all the major decisions of the family will be taken by the head, rules will be framed by him. Moreover, the traditional role of a women as a housekeeper and the one who is solely responsible for the upbringing of children, serve the family etc has never let women look beyond house and family, this has killed the dreams and ambition of so many women, who could have achieved so much more in life.
Similarly, there are so many incidences and rules which can highlight the fact that the society practices inequality, supremacy and discrimination in different forms and if all these problems exist how can we expect balance in a society.

Today, the situation is better than before a women can be seen in much appropriate roles not only at personal level but, professionally also they are self-build, independent and respected, they have come a long way to get accepted in the roles which were not supposed to be theirs. Theses days women are the sole bread earners in family and get equal participation in the decision making, they have done extraordinary progress to stand out and inspire other women to do the same. As great leaders like Swami Vivekananda have said that a woman is of uttermost importance in a society and the condition of a women in a society reflects the development of a society.

This brings us to the conclusion that, it is not only about supremacy or dominance of a particular gender but, a deep-rooted problem of the society which has many causes and can become an obstacle in the path of development in any country and if we can possibly eradicate such problems from the society. It will definitely benefit each and every one.

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